Most Affordable Online Schools

affordAffordability can make or break a student’s decision to attend college. As an applicant to online schools, tuition costs can be both intimidating and demoralizing, and may lead to a disappointing decision. However, these top most affordable online colleges have strategically designed online coursework, resources, and availability, to give their students the most affordable school tuition rates in the country, without sacrificing structure or academia.

Top Accredited Online Colleges

accredAccreditation is important for all online schools and/or programs, because it shows that a particular institution exceeds expectations, and puts forth an effort to provide the best opportunities and resources for its students. Accreditation shows that a school has gone through rigorous analysis by accrediting bodies and have passed certain meticulous standards and tests set forth by these groups.

30 High Paying Trade School Degrees

Are you interested in a high paying and personally rewarding career but don’t necessarily have four (or more) years to invest, or, perhaps, even, the set of desires and academic disposition earning a college degree requires? If this describes you, acquiring a professional trade or skill might be the perfect way to realize your dreams of gaining the needed skills and knowledge that will pave the way towards stable and well-paying work. The following list provides examples of thirty trade degrees and the types of employment they make possible.

30 Colleges with the Most Impressive Job Placement Rates and Career Services

Deciding upon a field of interest, choosing a major, and implementing a career strategy can seem like a daunting task. Many college students take it upon themselves to find a major, craft a resume and cover letter, and dive into professional interviews, but these tasks do not have to be completed alone, nor do they have to be completed simultaneously. Any college or university career services department’s mission is to provide valuable, dedicated facilities, resources, and guides to students and alumni. It is pivotal that a career services department supply advisers, coaches, and opportunities to students so that they may explore potential career options under the guidance of professionals.

30 Colleges with the Best Extras

It is a university’s responsibility to keep students happy, interested, and occupied, both inside and outside of the classroom. Young men and women across the country work hard, stressful hours in their college careers, and deserve all of the benefits and extras that a college campus can offer. It is crucial for students to be comfortable and excited at the prospect of living at a school that will be their home for 4 years or more. Without plenty of activities, places to visit and eat, and programs to take advantage of, it might not seem worth all the work if students aren’t having fun. This list of 30 colleges with the best extras offers a group of schools with exciting events, festivals, programs, organizations, facilities, and amenities provided on their campuses. It is meant to introduce students to schools that allocate proper funds and resources to campus and student life.

Top 50 Green Schools

r50-syracuse_univ-crouse_collegeRegardless of which side of the global warming debate you are on, being “green” or environmentally-conscious is something that has its benefits for everyone. So when our institutions of higher learning adopt green policies, the benefits are not just to them but also to students who attend, as well the local population and possibly beyond. Because students are more and more socially aware, we developed an article to explore 50 of the greenest colleges and universities today.

The 30 Most Technologically Savvy Online Schools

r50-syracuse_univ-crouse_collegeAdults with less time on their hands hoping to gain college or university qualifications have an increasing number of online institutions from which to choose. And for those trying to squeeze in an education around work or family commitments, it’s important to have the latest technology at one’s fingertips. Why? Well, for one because it makes course programs far more flexible and convenient. Such technology can include applications and websites that people are already familiar with – Facebook and Skype, for instance – or more advanced and rapidly evolving platforms such as learning management system Blackboard or virtual world software Second Life.

The 30 Most Innovative Online Colleges

Distance learning may traditionally have been a more solitary, text-based domain, but times have most certainly changed. Today, innovative universities around the country are utilizing the latest technologies to help devise interactive, media-rich digital curriculum. These online schools create virtual environments that facilitate improved access to peers, teachers and support structures. What’s more, 21st-century “classrooms” now rival campus-based settings in the engagement and collaboration stakes, and perhaps one day they’ll even supersede their bricks-and-mortar counterparts.

50 Hidden Treasures on U.S. College Campuses

Choosing which universities to apply to can be a long list that’s difficult to narrow down. Many schools have much more to offer than meets the eye, and may not get to show off some of their most compelling amenities during a short college tour. It is just as important to be intrigued by a campus and its benefits as it is to be excited about the academia that a certain institution may offer. Discovering these delightful hidden secrets on a school campus can be hard when you’re not physically exploring the grounds.

30 Online Schools With The Highest Graduation Rates

Graduation rates usually reflect the school they pertain to and so it is with the best online schools. Online student enrollment rates are drastically moving upward in all schools that offer online education. Education is moving in the direction of modern technology. Age old universities that existed before electricity are moving into the age of technology, creating record amounts of online students. As a result, most are offering a lot of assistance to online students in order to prevent their graduation rates from dropping due to the heavy increase in online students around the globe. Here, then, a list of the top 30 online school graduation rates.

50 Most Haunted Colleges and Campuses

Some universities are said to have been built on ancient burial sites; others were apparently the scenes of tragic suicides and unexplained deaths. It’s probably little wonder, then, that so many college campuses are supposedly haunted.