What can I do with a HVAC Tech degree?

Much like the full name implies, a HVAC Tech degree focuses on the repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. Students will need a high school diploma or GED to be considered for this type of degree.

After earning their degree, techs will be required to complete an apprenticeship, which could last as long as five years, as well as, obtain the appropriate licensure to work in their state.

Some HVAC technicians may prefer to work for a larger company, while many others go into business for themselves – with at least 16 percent of HVAC techs running their own companies, according to explorethetrades.org. A typical day will see techs making service calls to private home or businesses and accessing issues with heating and cooling units and giving individuals or business owners quotes for fixing the problems. 

Earning a trade degree in HVAC will certainly open up opportunities for dedicated individuals looking to earn their own business in the trade. HVAC techs make good money, too, with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics showing techs earning as much as $67,000 on an annual basis. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts this industry will grow at least 35 percent through 2020.

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