What sort of career and salary can I expect with an online Doctor of Nonprofit Management degree?

We all know that good leadership within a company or organization is the key to its success. Competence is critical when handling the day-to-day or overall functions of an establishment, whether it is nonprofit or for-profit. As a nonprofit organization works tirelessly to earn money to assist others in their cause, excellent management skills are a must. Through an online Doctor of Nonprofit Management degree program, you can learn the skills necessary to offer organizations a level of expertise that they will surely appreciate. But, precisely what will you be qualified to do with this distinguished degree you have earned? Let’s explore.

One advantage of earning an online doctorate degree is the choice you have about becoming an educator. As most educational positions, at the university level, require a doctorate degree, you will have the option if you so desire. Perhaps you would enjoy sharing your knowledge with others or becoming a mentor in a student’s life that helps them attain the career they’ve always wanted. An educator’s salary as a college professor can range from between $72,000 to $126,000 or more annually, depending on experience, university, and many other factors.

In the nonprofit sector, business works similarly as in for-profit sectors. The primary difference is that money earned in a nonprofit organization is generally put back into programs that help others, often the disadvantaged or a group fighting for a cause. In either case, they often hire public relations specialists to deal with all things concerning the public. Duties include drafting press releases, working with television and radio outlets, as well as, digital marketing and advertising through social media. They keep the organization’s name in the public eye and maintain a reputable standing within the community. The average salary for this career option is about $59,300 annually, as of May 2017, according to the BLS.

Financial managers can earn upwards of $125,080 annually, according to the BLS as of May 2017. The duties of a financial manager within the nonprofit sector must have a keen sense of careful money management. Primary funds gained by fundraising projects or donations will be under a watchful public eye. Therefore, every penny must be accounted for, always.

Speaking of money, if you are one to get excited about obtaining funds through the means of effective and innovative ideas, perhaps becoming a fundraising manager is for you. Through your online doctorate degree in nonprofit management program, you will learn all the tricks of the trade to maintain funding for your nonprofit organization. In this capacity, you may also use training in marketing, advertising, and communications. With the budget cuts that most states must endure, becoming a fundraising manager takes persistence, tenacity and much determination. The nonprofit organization in which you work for will depend on your expertise. A fundraiser’s salary is $111,280 annually, according to the BLS, as of May 2017.

Who’s going to take care of the paperwork? You, if you would like to be an administrative manager. With an online Doctor of Nonprofit Management degree, you will be ready to tackle all secretarial duties, payroll, accounts payables and receivables, in addition to, oversee supplies and building maintenance. You will manage human resources, as you hire and fire personnel. Also, you may be over other department heads, as well. An administrative manager earns approximately $94,020 per year, depending on experience and job responsibilities, according to the BLS as of May 2017.

With your online doctorate degree within the field of nonprofit management, your degree will be very flexible, as any nonprofit organization will need your services. Other popular career choices include a research center director, human services agency director, project coordinator, government policy advisor or a healthcare analyst, to name a few options.

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