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10 College Towns with the Lowest Cost of Living

How does one figure out a good college to attend? Well, you consider your needs and expectations for starters. You base your decision on your current location, your desired location, or where your friends are. Sometimes, students also consider attending a university where a family member went to. But here’s a tip that works for […]

10 College Degrees That Get You Outside

According to a 2016 Business Insider report, about 86% of Americans sit at their desks all day to sundown. Many who aren’t fond of such type of work search for jobs that let them go outside for, among other things, research and fieldwork purposes. Aside from stripping off boredom and stress, you get the best […]

9 Awesome U.S. Fine Art Galleries For Art Majors

Art is what keeps the human race stay alive. Robin William’s beloved movie character, John Keating, has beautifully said that “…human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” Humanities such as […]

15 Companies That Help Employees with College Tuition

A college education may well be considered a luxury every high-reaching student would love to easily afford but with tuition increasing up to 6% each year, not everyone gets the chance to fulfill their college dreams. It’s hard to do that with even public colleges already reaching the $35,000 mark for boarding and college tuition […]

Top 20 College A Cappella Groups

A cappella music is performed by singers without any musical instruments. Collegiate a cappella groups, according to Wikipedia, usually perform a pop-centric music genre. A cappella groups associated with a college are not usually directly affiliated with the school’s music program, but are most often directed and operated by the students. The origins of collegiate […]

11 Albert Einstein’s Philosophies: How They Apply to Today’s Online Learning

Albert Einstein is one of the most remarkable figures in the field of science. Having revolutionized the way humans think about the universe, Einstein’s philosophies and teachings made him the most influential physicist of the 20th century. Who doesn’t know the famous equation “E=mc2, one of his greatest scientific discoveries for the Theory of Relativity? […]

Colleges with Champion Debate Teams

Speech and Debate on American college and university campuses is one of the oldest traditions in academic history. Many schools have been supporting their speech and debate clubs since their founding more than 150 years ago, and the multitude of members across the generations have come to perfect their tactics and strategies for oration and […]

The 20 Most Impressive School Newspapers

Student newspapers, newsletters, and periodicals can be found all across the country in physical form, and almost every college and university has a school paper that’s published, at the very least, online. These are essential resources for students to learn about what is going on at the college, on campus, throughout the surrounding community, and […]

40 Online Degrees Most Likely to Get You a Job

Opportunities in online education are rapidly increasing. Preparing for a career through distance education is becoming easier as well as more time and cost effective. A seemingly overwhelming number of possible degree and career paths available, along with economic uncertainties, can make choosing what to study difficult. An indispensable question when choosing what to study […]

40 Online Degrees With High Salaries

Education, employment and pay often go hand in hand. A person’s education will have a major impact on his or her career opportunities and choices. Online education opens new avenues of job possibilities by making needed training and education much more accessible and manageable for those who can’t undertake or don’t desire a brick and […]