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10 Best Online Schools for Ph.D. in Religious Studies

Earning a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Religious Studies online makes a student conversant with the impact of religion on society and the very issues that shape cultures all over the world. This research-focused degree is an exploration of in-depth information and comes in a variety of specializations, including the religions Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and […]

25 Friendliest Colleges for the LGBTQ Community for 2019

College on its own can be nerve-wracking and emotionally draining.  For LGBTQ students who struggle with social acceptance and self-esteem, getting into a college campus that fosters a friendly and nurturing environment can be an even more challenging prospect. LGBTQ students become anxious and uncertain not only about succeeding academically but also being accepted. In […]

8 Best Online Schools for Doctorate in Theology (D.TH.) Degree Programs 2019

The online Ph.D. in Theology program centers on profound religious insights. Students dig deep into the world’s religions to gain a better understanding of their impact on humanity. Not many schools offer the doctorate online, considering the comprehensive coursework students are required to complete. Nonetheless, online Doctorate in Theology programs provide the same rigorous coursework […]

Top 15 Online Master’s of Management Accounting for 2019

Accounting and Finance are crucial areas of the business world. Corporations and organizations could not stand without the expertise of graduate-level accounting professionals. These online schools provide students with the knowledge, skill, and experience to enter into accounting positions in any area. Many graduates from these fifteen colleges and universities go on to work at […]

30 Highest Paying Jobs in Psychology 2019

There is a common misconception culture that psychology, a versatile Bachelor’s degree, is virtually pointless on its own. It is only useful as a foundation for a doctorate in psychology or a master’s degree. True, a Bachelor of Psychology can be a big step in gaining advanced degrees. In fact, it is estimated that 40% […]

20 Non-Profit Online Schools with the Highest Graduation Rates

When looking for an online school, there are a lot of factors that students must consider before finally deciding to settle for one. If your choice of online school is dependent on how much you can save on the tuition with high graduation rates at the same time, then you’re on the right page. You’re […]

15 Online Schools That Offer Free College Perks

Education is vital for the future. It is the foundation from which success and fulfillment can spring from, paving the way for a better job and higher pay. But it is no secret that education can be costly, curtailing a student’s desire to continue to higher education. It’s easy to give up and let that […]

30 Cheap Online Master’s Degree 2019

Cheap online master’s degrees provide adult learners the opportunity to expand their knowledge in a specific area of study without having to attend classes in the traditional manner–and minus the expensive costs. Today, it is possible for professionals to obtain advanced learning and further enhance their skills at their own pace, without compromising professional or […]

30 Cheap Online Bachelor’s Degrees 2019

High tuition rates and quality education often go hand in hand. One of the many challenges that students face today is the lack of means to afford a formal and decent quality education. While there are a lot of bachelor degree programs made available on-campus, not all are of them affordable and convenient to engage […]

30 Cheap Online Associate Degrees 2019

Prospective students get value for their money when they choose cheap online associate degrees. Online colleges guarantee high-caliber programs that feature a comprehensive curriculum, seasoned instructors, and relevant academic and practical instruction. These educational elements are especially crucial as graduates face a very competitive employment marketplace. They address the different factors that affect under-education and […]