How do I earn an online Doctor of Finance degree?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” As you earn your online Doctor of Finance degree, you will realize the truth in Mr. Franklin’s statement perhaps quicker than most. Finance majors are experts at playing the numbers game, however, if you have already earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in this field, perhaps earning your doctorate degree in the subject will improve your skills and add some zeros to your paycheck. Upon completion, your recognition of achievement will allow for a strong sense of self-satisfaction, without a doubt.

Are there online doctoral degree programs out there that teach finance at the graduate level? Yes, there is, however, not as many are offered 100% online as you may like. Few and far between, they are often considered hybrid programs that require your occasional attendance, due to the grueling dissertation or capstone project process. In addition, if you can’t find the online program you would like, you may have better luck locating a degree program, such as an online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), that offers a concentration in finance.

Prerequisites for an online doctoral degree program in finance will require excellent GMAT scores, a master’s degree in business or a related topic, along with, recommendation letters. You must be proficient in intensive math backgrounds, such as algebra, calculus and of course, economics. Also, depending on your program requirements, work experience may be necessary. A Ph.D. program in finance will take four to five years to complete, depending on your dedication.

While pursuing an online Doctor of Finance degree program, you can expect coursework in advanced microeconomics and macroeconomics, financial modes and models, in addition to, tax laws, economic ethics and legalities, financial mathematics and theory, corporate finance and organization, and statistics and probability analysis. As your finance doctoral coursework is a research-based program, you will also learn about the many methods of financial research, advanced accounting, long-term financial investments, asset and risk management, and financial products. Other coursework may include investment forecasting, consumer behavior, and managing stock portfolios. You will also gain valuable teaching skills to help you at the university level if you so choose to pursue a career in academia.

Through an online Doctor of Finance degree program, you can expect to hone skills that you have already mastered in previous degree programs. For example, you will develop more in-depth critical thinking skills, as well as, problem-solving and communication skills. As you learn to be a team player and understand the mind of the consumer through coursework in philosophy, psychology, and sociology, you will be knowledgeable in developing financial plans to suit each client’s needs.

Is earning an online doctorate degree in finance for you? Besides the personal satisfaction, your degree will afford you many job opportunities in any business type, however, without a genuine love for numbers, what good is a degree? Most finance graduates are creative, curious and competitive people. Your online Doctor of Finance degree will put you ahead of the rest.

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