Is earning an online ABA Doctorate degree for me?

Would you like to earn your online doctorate degree in applied behavior analysis but not sure if you have enough ambition and initiative to get it done? That’s understandable. The thought of pursuing a graduate degree can be a daunting task; however, if you put your mind to it, you can do it! Perhaps you have some concerns about the details that may be holding you back. Without a doubt, enrolling in an online school to earn your Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis is not the right choice for everybody.

Ask yourself a few questions. Does your dream career demand a doctorate degree? If it does not require a doctoral program, then why do it? In most cases, you can pursue an ABA at the master’s degree level and be perfectly fine. If you would like to teach, do research or supervise as a clinical director, then yes, you may need to earn a doctorate degree.

Secondly, consider the costs. An online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis program can be very expensive. Are you prepared financially to absorb the costs? Apply for as many scholarships and federal grants as you can, although not plentiful, they can be located.

Can you maintain a job while earning your degree? Keeping an income will help you secure your degree without excessive student loan debt. As you research your potential earnings with your doctoral degree, please consider if your potential future profits will outweigh the exorbitant cost of your Ph.D. program. Student loans are not ideal, but if future earnings will allow you to knock them out quickly, it is an option.

Do you have the time to spend on your ABA doctorate program? Typically, your Ph.D. or Psy.D. program will take you anywhere from four to eight years to complete, depending on what sort of degree you are earning and how much time you can commit to your program. In addition, you must also have a good support system in place. As earning an online doctorate degree can be stressful, you will learn to rely on your family and close friends to help you balance your job duties and valuable family time with the appropriate study time needed to complete your program.

Are you prepared for the competitive process of securing an online Doctor of ABA program? In addition to your excellent GPA and GRE scores, you should be prepared to show evidence of volunteer work, real-life work experience, and research. Online schools offering doctorate degree programs are very impressed by the amount of research you have managed to complete or are in the process of conducting. You should consider participating in research at any level, in any position, whenever the opportunity is presented.

Is owning an online doctorate degree in applied behavior analysis a dream of yours? The personal satisfaction of earning such a distinguished degree is what drives most students to succeed in this rigorous program. If that is what motivates you, then go with it. Achieving a personal goal is always awesome!

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