What is an online Ph.D. degree in Organizational Leadership and is it the right choice for me?

What’s the best way to advance in your career? One way is to be prepared; however, how do you know which degree in organizational leadership will best fit your needs? Let’s explore the basics of earning an online Ph.D. degree in the field of organizational leadership.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree, or Ph.D. as it is referred to, is the most common and oldest type of graduate degree to obtain. Typically, a Ph.D. degree is considered to be a research and academically-based degree earned by professionals who are interested in higher academia, such as a professor at the university or college level. They are also interested in pursuing valuable research, and most definitely, they strive to have their study and findings published. If this describes you, earning an online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership is for you! But, that’s not to say that you will be banished to the lab forever. No, Ph.D. holders can also expand their interests into supervisory or executive positions, as well.

In the field of organizational leadership, you can focus your energy on researching and developing new and exciting ways to manage groups of people within the breadth of an organization. It often includes all aspects, such as sociology and psychology studies. Additionally, you will learn about the proven ways to increase productivity in the workplace, as well as, practical leadership skills in any nature of business. Senior administrative positions can be obtained in the fields of consulting, education, philanthropic and non-profit organizations, healthcare, large corporations, in government agencies, among others.

Through an online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership degree program, you can expect to complete a dissertation. Your project should focus on a specialization; therefore, your research, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills will be tested and put to good use. Within the dissertation process, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of your subject matter, both practically and intellectually.

As you earn your online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, rest assured if you intend to work in academia, this is the graduate degree to pursue. This prestigious degree is universally recognized and will support any job opportunity you wish to seek. Also, funding is often offered through tuition waivers while attending a Ph.D. program. Ph.D. graduate programs are offered online; however, most will require some on-campus attendance. Your degree will take between four to nine years to complete, and you will want to make sure you meet all prerequisites and find an accredited online school before signing on to attend a program.

So, who is the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree program for? Primarily, it is for the working professional who wishes to pursue their interests in leadership. An Ed.D. program will focus on managerial and strategy development. As you discover which type of degree program is right for you, you should consider where your true passion lies. Do you desire to educate others? Or, perhaps you are driven to provide an organization with top-notch leadership and management. You decide.

If you aspire to teach or conduct research in the field of organizational leadership, please see our list of Best Online Schools for Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Degree Programs.