How do I acquire an online Doctorate degree in Educational Psychology?

Educational psychologists play a significant role in the educational system. Generally, they are tasked with an awesome responsibility which is working with children, as well as, their teachers and families to promote a cohesive learning experience. They work diligently to provide services that help children who have disabilities or behavioral problems cope with the day-to-day activities experienced at school and home. They must be familiar with a child’s brain functions, cognitive development and the emotional growth process to assess behavioral issues and apply the proper correction methods.

Through an online Doctor of Educational Psychology degree program, you can learn the valuable learning methods to be an effective mentor in a child’s life. Does this sound like an exciting career choice to you? If so, please be aware that an educational psychologist must own a doctoral degree and be licensed to practice.

How do you begin? Sign on to an online doctorate degree program in educational psychology. As expected, a few prerequisites will apply. Admission requirements demand a bachelor’s or master’s degree, letters of recommendation, in addition to, excellent GRE scores. It is recommended that your bachelor’s degree curriculum provide you with several psychology-related courses, although this may not be required. Depending on your online school choice, your program may need you to have a master’s degree; however, if a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement, you may have to take a few psychology-related courses to fulfill entrance requirements.

Which doctoral program in educational psychology should you pursue? There are two to choose from in the field of education, the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). The Ph.D. and the Ed.D. are both research-based degrees and are generally needed if you intend to teach at the university or college level or if you would like to pursue educational research, become a principal or a superintendent of schools. An Ed.D. degree will primarily focus on being a practitioner in education, as opposed to a researcher in education.

You can expect your program to take five to seven years to complete, depending on your dedication. Also, please be aware that online schools offering doctoral programs in educational psychology may not be 100% online. They typically require some on-campus attendance, as well as, an internship and dissertation project.

Of course, in an online Doctor of Educational Psychology degree program of any type, your coursework will delve deeper into counseling theories. Your coursework will include counseling ethics, behavioral disabilities, crisis prevention, literacy and educational improvement, psychological development principles, motivational learning and classroom management. Other coursework will consist of adolescent psychology, special needs children, academic and social assessments, intervention strategies, along with, early childhood development and working with gifted and talented children. Your coursework will lead you through research, as well, to help you with your dissertation project.

In this field, perhaps you would like to pick a specialization. If so, you can choose to work with children who have special needs, as a family counselor, or in the field of corrections, working with troubled kids with behavioral issues. As a career in educational psychology can cover a wide array of opportunities, you should choose one that fits your personality, and that helps you fulfill your need to help children.

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