40 Online Degrees With High Salaries

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Education, employment and pay often go hand in hand. A person’s education will have a major impact on his or her career opportunities and choices. Online education opens new avenues of job possibilities by making needed training and education much more accessible and manageable for those who can’t undertake or don’t desire a brick and mortar college experience. This article, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides information on high paying jobs for which online education is available.

Engineering Management

(Median Salary: $166,410)

engineering management

If you’re good at analyzing and solving problems, get along with people, are organized, like math and have experience and education in engineering and architecture, a degree in engineering management opens doors to incredibly high salary potential.

Although not an out of the box degree, and normally requires a BS in architecture and/or engineering along with experience in the field, a degree in engineering management likely has the highest return in the field of online education.

Education in engineering management can be pursued entirely online, making it perhaps the highest paying job one can obtain through online education. Although high paying, engineering management is a relatively small field whose growth is slower than average (2%).

Online Education Opportunities:

Arizona State University: BSE

Grantham University: BS-EMT

Grantham University: AA-EMT

Johns Hopkins University: Master of Engineering Management

Penn State: Master of Engineering Management


Computer and Information Systems Manager

(Median Salary: $166,748)

information systems manager

Good with computers and data organization? A degree in Computer and Information Systems Management–sometimes overlapping with information technology (IT)–would put you in a position to earn a great salary. With a 15% growth rate anticipated between now and 2024, landing a position is very likely.

Often IT management personnel have some level of graduate education, but it is also common to work in the IT field with only a Bachelors degree.

Online Education Opportunities:

Everest University: BS

Rasmussen College: BS

Colorado Technical University: MS

Oregon State University: BS


Petroleum Engineering

(Median Salary: $143,322)

petroleum engineering

Oil is the basis for commerce and transport worldwide. Petroleum engineers think of ways to access and extract oil and gas from stores beneath the surface of the earth. Petroleum engineers also devise methods to make old wells more efficient and productive. Petroleum engineers must be prepared to travel and spend large amounts of time on site.

Acceptance into an online petroleum engineering program requires one to have already earned a degree in engineering. The field of petroleum engineering is very lucrative and is predicted to grow 10% percent in the next 10 years.

Online Education Opportunities:

University of North Dakota: BS

Texas A & M University: MS and Graduate Certificate

University of Southern California: MS


Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Management

(Median Salary: $131,180)

advertising and marketing managers

Marketing is a large field with a broad pay scale. Marketing agents and analysts tend to earn $46,000-$60,000 per year. Sales managers jump to $100,000 per year on average. Marketing management is at the top with an average salary of over $120,000 per year.

Marketing requires creativity and organization along with a good knowledge of what would be attractive to potential consumers. Entry level positions require only a Bachelors degree. Marketing management is predicted to expand 9% between now and 2024.

Online Education Opportunities:

Colorado State University: BS

New England College of Business: BSBA

Colorado Technical University: BSBA

Western Governors University: BS Marketing Management


Financial Management

(Median Salary: $125,080)

financial management

If you have a bachelor’s degree and 5 years of work experience in finance, a certificate or graduate degree in financial management could mean a big pay raise. Financial managers see to the financial well-being of the company they work for. They develop reports and strategize about investments and long-term objectives.

Financial management is expected to grow at a 7% rate over the next decade.

Online Education Opportunities:

University of California Berkeley

Cornell University

University of California Los Angeles

Boston University


Human Resources Management

(Median Salary: $110,120)

human resources manager

Human resource management requires skills in planning and directing the overall administration of an organization. Hiring and recruiting, mediating between employees and management are included in the job description. A human resource manager must be both an adept in strategy and a skilled diplomat.

Normally, experience in the field is a prerequisite, and often only a bachelor’s degree is needed, in this competitive field of employment that anticipates a 9% expansion in the next ten years.

Online Education Opportunities:

Linfield College

University of Phoenix

Tulane University

Capella University

Southern New Hampshire University


Database Administrator

(Median Salary: $87,020)

database administrator

Database administration is a part of the growing field of internet technology and security. Normally requiring a background in computer science or information technology, database administrators see to the storing and organization of financial information and customer data, making such information accessible to clients and secure from potential thieves.

Database administration is projected to grow by 11% in the next decade. In this expanding field, one can earn a high salary and have a stable position.

Online Education Opportunities:

Colorado State University: BS

Colorado Technical University: BS

Walden University: BS

Capella University: BS Information Technology (Minor Database Admin.)

Liberty University: BS


Operations Research Analyst

(Median Salary: $81,390)

operations research manager

Predicted to grow at an explosive rate of 30% in the next ten years, a career in operations research analysis would provide both high wages and job security. An operations research analyst uses math and logic to help organizations identify, analyze and solve problems. Expect to work in an office in this career. Although on-site inspections are not uncommon as well.

A career in operations research analysis requires a good deal of mathematical education. Employers normally require a master’s degree or Ph.D. Sometime a bachelor’s degree will suffice. Undergraduate degrees will normally be in mathematics, engineering, management science or some related field.

Online Education Opportunities:

Columbia University: MS Operations Research

University of Southern California: MS

Kansas State University: MS

Colorado State University: MS

Florida Institute of Technology: MS


Network and Computer Systems Administrator

(Median Salary: $81,100)

network and computer systems administrator

Network and computer systems administrators work in a variety of organizations overseeing computer networks and daily operations. Expected to grow 8% in the next decade, network and computer systems administration will keep pace with the overall occupational growth during the same period. With increasing diversification of technology along with the proliferation of mobile networks, network and computer systems administration will likely continue to grow and remain a stable and well-paying occupation.

Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or some related information science field. Some, however, expect only post-secondary certification.

Online Education Opportunities:

Western Governors University: BS Information Technology

Dakota State University: BS Information Systems

Colorado Technical University: BS Information Technology and Management

American National University: BS Network Administration



(Median Salary: $74,590)


Getting products from production to potential buyers is essential for a business’s economic success. Logisticians manage the entire process of product acquisition, distribution, and delivery. They work in nearly every industry. Their work is very fast-paced, high demand and considered high stress.

Demand for Logisticians is predicted to increase, albeit at a slower than average pace over the next decade (2%). A bachelor’s degree is the most common requirement. However, an associate’s degree can be sufficient for certain positions.

Online Education Opportunities:

Arizona State University: BA

Southern New Hampshire University: BS

Colorado Technical University: BS

American Military University: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees as well as Graduate Certificate


Budget Analyst

(Median Salary: $75,240)

budget analyst

Because of its slower than average predicted growth rate over the next decade (3%), budget analysis presents a relatively small and competitive field. However, if one lands a job, the high salary provides attractive compensation. Budget analysts normally hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field.

Several online graduate and certificate programs offer those already in the field ways to advance to a position as a budget analyst.

Online Education Opportunities:

Penn State: Graduate Certificate

Georgetown University: Certificate

North Central University: MBA


Financial Services Agent

(Median Salary: $63,870)

financial services agent

Financial services agents create relationships between various sectors of the financial world. They give advice on investing and trading. Financial service is considered high stress, and normally entails a work week of over 40 hours.

A bachelor’s degree is required, and graduate education is helpful for advancement. This field is predicted to grow 10% by 2024.

Online Education Opportunities:

Florida State College (Jacksonville): BS

Boston University: Master’s Degree


Technical Writing

(Median Salary: $70,930)

technical writing

Technical writing is a fast growing field, expected to expand 10% over the next ten years. Technical writers compose manuals, how-to guides, articles and other literature intended to communicate technical information. Other media are also used to disseminate such information.

Technical writers work in a variety of contexts but are most prevalent in industry, computer technology and engineering. College is normally required, and often work experience is desired.

Online Education Opportunities:

Arizona State University: BS

University of California Berkeley: Post Bachelor’s Certificate

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire: Certificate


Emergency Management Direction

(Median Salary: $72,760)

emergency management


Emergency management oversees the planning and directives for responding to the many forms in which emergencies and disasters can occur. Often emergency management directors work in close conjunction with private and public agencies. Such are most often employed in government, but emergency management directors also work for private enterprises.

Emergency management offers a high salary, and its rate of growth over the next 10 years is average (6%). In addition to a bachelor’s degree, emergency managers often have several years of work experience in the field.

Online Education Opportunities:

Canton State University of New York: BS

American Military University: BA and MA

Georgetown University: Master’s Degree

Arizona State University: MA



(Median Salary: $69,350)

accounting and auditing

Accountants and auditors see to the accuracy of financial records. They also ensure that taxes are paid and assess the financial workings of organizations. A main function of accountants is to help make sure financial operations are in order.

Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Additional certification can be earned, and many accountants become CPAs. An 11% growth in the field of accounting and auditing is expected by 2024.

Online Education Opportunities:

Southern New Hampshire University: AS, BS, MS

University of Phoenix: BS


Insurance Underwriter

(Median Salary: $69,760)

insurance underwriter

Insurance underwriters evaluate insurance applications in order to determine whether to offer coverage as well as the terms of insurance coverage. This includes the cost of premiums and the amount of coverage. Because of better underwriting software, fewer underwriters are needed than in the past. This has resulted in a sharp decline in the number of insurance underwriters. Over the next ten years, an 11% decline is predicted.

A bachelor’s degree is commonly expected. Experience and skill sometimes are enough, however.

Online Education Opportunities:

Loma: Certificate

The Institute: Associate’s Underwriting

Insurance Educational Association: Associate’s Underwriting


Multimedia Art and Animation

(Median Salary: $70,530)

multimedia art and animation

This field is split almost down the middle in terms of those self-employed and working for an organization. Multimedia artists and animators create animated visuals for television, games, movies and other similar modes of communication and entertainment.

A highly skilled occupation, employers require a bachelor’s degree as well as a strong art portfolio and computer skills. A 6% expansion in the field is expected over the next decade.

Online Education Opportunities:

Art Institute of Pittsburgh: BS

Full Sail University: Bachelor’s Degree


Loan Officer

(Median Salary: $64,660)

loan officer

Loan officers are often employed by banks and other credit institutions. Most work is carried out in an office setting, evaluating, approving or recommending loan applications. In the next decade, an 8% increase in the field is expected.

Most commonly a bachelor’s degree is required along with the on the job training. Loan officers must also be licensed.

Online Education Opportunities:

Proschools Oncourse Learning: Mortgage Lending

Training Pro: Loan Officer

Allied Schools: Mortgage Loan Originator


Market Research Analysis

(Median Salary: $63,230)

market research analysis

If you possess a bachelor’s degree along with strong mathematical and analytical skills a career in market research analysis may be the way to advance your career and improve your financial status. Market research analysts look at sales potential and demand and advise companies about products consumers will likely purchase. Because time is money, analysts work according to rigid deadlines and tight schedules in virtually every area of the economy.

A bachelor’s degree is a basic prerequisite. Advanced degrees and/or certification may also be required. Market research analysis is predicted to grow 19% over the next decade: a rate much faster than average.

Online Education Opportunities:

University of Georgia: Certificate Course

Cornell University: Certificate Course

Florida International University: Certificate Course



(Median Salary: $63,990)


Cartographers gather, collate and analyze geographical information in order to update and produce new maps for a variety of purposes. These include government, military, business, and educational needs. This field is growing at a surprising rate, and expected to see a 29% increase in the next ten years. Cartographers work both in the office and on site.

A bachelor’s degree in cartography or a related field is required. There are not many online undergraduate avenues currently open. However, master’s degrees in the field can be earned online.

Online Education Opportunities:

University of Florida, School of Forest Resources & Conservation: MS

Penn State: MS


Conservation Scientist and Forester

(Median Salary: $60,970)

conservationist forester

If you love the outdoors and care about maintaining and encouraging the well-being of forests, parks, rangelands and other similar areas, a job as a conservation scientist and/or forester may be for you. Foresters work for both private and government agencies. Although experiencing only an average rate of growth of 7%, conservation science, and forestry is a stable career choice because of the increasing demand for forest products in balance with environmental concerns.

Entry level positions require a bachelor’s degree in forestry or environmental studies or their equivalents. A wide variety of online programs are available, making environmental science and forestry attainable for most any lifestyle.

Online Education Opportunities:

University College: BA Environmental Studies

University of Florida, School of Forest Resources & Conservation: MA and Certificate

Arizona State University: BA Sustainability

University of Maryland, University College: Bachelor’s Environmental Management

Oregon State University: B.S. Environmental Science


Purchasing Agent

(Median Salary: $66,610)

purchasing agent

Buyers and purchasing agents oversee the buying of products that organizations intend to use or resell. Purchasers must be able to critically evaluate a wide variety of competing suppliers and product quality as well as skillfully negotiate contracts with third parties.

Purchasing is an occupation experiencing slower than average growth (2%). Many times a high school diploma is sufficient. Often, however, a bachelor’s degree and/or on the job training is required. Several online training courses are available.

Online Education Opportunities:

American Purchasing Society: Certification and Professional Development

California State University Dominguez Hills: Certificate


Labor Relations

(Median Salary: $63,200)

labor relations

Labor relations specialists oversee the interpretation and application of labor contracts. They see to wages, salaries, pensions and relations between union and management. The field is predicted to decline 8% in the next ten years. However, the salary is quite attractive, and one can acquire needed education online.

A bachelor’s degree is required either in labor relations or a related field of study. Level of required education varies from employer to employer.

Online Education Opportunities:

Penn State University: BA

Thomas Edison University: BA

Rutgers University: BS

Cornell University: Certificate and Advanced Certificate Courses


Training and Development Specialist

(Median Salary: $60,360)

training and development specialist

An ability to see potential and opportunity and educate employees and advance their work skills are the necessary talents of the training and development specialist. These specialists work in virtually every field, giving presentations and leading training sessions. This field is growing at a rate of 7%.

A bachelor’s degree is a normal requirement. Work experience and additional certification are also needed to secure a job in the field. Many online programs offer certification as well as master’s degrees in training and development.

Online Education Opportunities:

Willmington University

Portland State University

Colorado State University

St. Francis College of Business: MS

Roosevelt University: Master’s Degree


Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation

(Median Salary: $60,670)


Arbitrators must be skillful negotiators and possess an ability to foster and maintain dialogue between disputants, helpful to achieving an equitable resolution. Their role is to prevent disputes from reaching the court systems, thus playing an important cost-saving role. Arbitrators work for state and local governments as well as for private legal agencies.

A 9% expansion of the field is expected by 2024, making arbitration and mediation both a lucrative and active profession. There are no specific degree requirements. Needed skills can be gained through online education.

Online Education Opportunities:

FINRA: Arbitration Training

American University: Graduate Certificate


Dietitian and Nutritionist

(Median Salary: $59,410)


Growing at a speedy rate of 16% over the next decade, demand for dietitians and nutritionists will continue to increase as preventative medicine becomes more emphasized. Dietitians and nutritionists specialize in the use of food and nutrition and devise programs ordered to the maintenance and/or recovery of good health. They are employed in a variety of contexts, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and cafeterias, and are often employed by the state or local government.

Often a bachelor’s degree and field-specific training are required. Many states also require dietitians and nutritionists be licensed.

Online Education Opportunities:

Huntington College of Health Sciences: Multiple Degrees

Liberty University: Master’s of Public Health and Nutrition

Arizona State University: Multiple Degrees


Special Education Teacher

(Median Salary: $58,980)

special education

Special education teachers must be flexible and adaptable, able to respond to students with a wide variety of needs and/or disabilities. They must also be competent teachers able to tailor lessons and communicate with students with varying degrees of ability.

This field is expanding at a rate of 6%. Most teachers in this field work in schools. Some work 10 months, while others work 12. Special education teachers in public schools are required to possess a bachelor’s degree along with state-issued certification. Private schools may not require such certification.

Online Education Opportunities:

Southern New Hampshire University: BA

Liberty University: BS

Purdue University: MS



(Median Salary: $58,770)


Editors oversee and direct content that is to be published. Often editors work in the office. However, more and more, editing is done remotely from home offices. Editing is considered a high-stress occupation wherein editors almost always work under strict deadlines.

A bachelor’s degree in journalism or a similar field is commonly required. Unfortunately, editing will become a more competitive field because the field is slated to contract by 5% by 2024.

Online Education Opportunities:

Arizona State University: Bachelor’s Degree Journalism

Full Sail University: BA

University of Massachusetts: Certificate


Public Relations Specialist

(Median Salary: $59,300)

public relations specialist

It’s all about image for Public Relations Specialists. These experts seek to shape a positive public perception of their organization through media. Public Relations Specialists also attempt to spread public awareness of the organizations they represent. Moderate growth is expected during the next 10 years (6%).

Normally, a bachelor’s degree in public relations or a closely related field is required.

Online Education Opportunities:

Penn State University: BA

Southern New Hampshire University: BA

Walden University: BS Communications

Full Sail University: Bachelor’s Degree Media Communications


Film and Video Editing and Camera Operation

(Median Salary: $58,210)

film and video editing

With more and more news and entertainment media being captured and presented on video, demand for film and video editing and camera operators is growing. It is predicted that the industry will grow 11% over the next decade. Editors normally work in a studio, or an office and camera operators are in the field capturing footage.

A bachelor’s degree is a common entry level requirement.

Online Education Opportunities:

Full Sail University

Grand Canyon University: BA


Career and Technical Educator

(Median Salary: $55,240)

career educator

Young people need sound advice and direction when it comes to pursuing employment. Career and technical educationalists seek to inform students about technical and vocational opportunities. They not only expose them to various fields such as healthcare, auto repair, and food preparation, they also give basic instruction in these fields.

Career and technical educators work in a wide variety of educational contexts. These include middle school, high school, community college as well as business and trade schools.

A bachelor’s degree is required along with work experience. Public school educators also need a state license. Growth in career and technical education is slower than average (4%).

Online Education Opportunities:

University of Central Florida: BS and MA

University of Wisconsin Stout: BS


Medical Laboratory Technologist or Technician

(Median Salary: $51,770)

medical laboratory technologists

Laboratory medical technologists and technicians collect and analyze samples for the sake of medical diagnosis. Medical technologists usually possess a bachelor’s degree, and technicians, an associate’s degree or certification. Most employed in this field work in a hospital or laboratory setting.

This field is anticipated to grow 16% by 2024 due to increasing population and aging population.

Online Education Opportunities:

Weber State University: AAS and BS

University of Cincinatti: BS


Interior Design

(Median Salary: $51,500)

Have an aesthetic eye for interior space and creativity for beauty, functionality, and safety? A career in interior design can be launched through online education.  Interior designers help ensure interior spaces are safe and attractive. They read blueprints and interpret and apply building codes and regulations. A quarter of interior designers are self-employed and the rest most often work for engineering and architectural agencies.

A bachelor’s degree in a field related to interior design is normally required. Several online programs are available. Unfortunately, the overall rate of growth predicted during the next decade is only 4%, less than the average 7% growth predicted for all fields.

Online Education Opportunities:

The Interior Design Institute

Penn Foster College: Associate’s Degree

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design: Bachelor of Fine Arts

New York School of Interior Design: Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees


Meeting and Event Planning

(Median Salary: $49,290)

event planning

At an anticipated growth of 10% over the next ten years, meeting and event planning is full of opportunity. Event Planners see to all the practical details of professional meetings, conventions, parties and the like. They arrange venue, food, transportation and accommodation, working in a variety of settings.

Normally, a bachelor’s degree is required as well as work experience. Online degree and certificate programs are available.

Online Education Opportunities:

Ashworth College: Diploma Program

New York Institute of Art and Design: Event Planning Course

International Institute of Event Management: Certificate Programs


Social Work

(Median Salary: $47,980)

social worker

Interest in the lives of people and an ability to understand and sympathize and seek how to help them cope with their problems are marks of someone who would likely be suited for a career in social work. Social work covers a wide range of life issues from family life, child care and development to mental, behavioral and emotional concerns. Social workers assist people in a wide variety of work environments. These include, among others, private practices, hospitals, state and private agencies, community development and settlement houses.

A career in social work normally requires a bachelor’s degree. Certain areas of clinical social work also require a master’s degree, work experience and state licensing. At a growth rate of 12%, social work jobs are increasing, making finding a job in the field more likely.

Online Education Opportunities:

Indiana Wesleyan University: BSW

Northern Arizona University: BSW

Brescia University: BSW

University of Southern California: MSW

Arizona State University: MSW


Recreational Therapy

(Median Salary: $47,680)

recreational therapy

Recreational therapists facilitate recreation for those with disabilities, injury or illness. They employ a wide variety of activities, including arts, crafts, sports, music, drama, outings, among many others, in order to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Employment opportunities in recreational therapy is predicted to expand by 11% by 2024. Normally, a bachelor’s degree and additional certification are required.

Online Education Opportunities:

Florida International University: BS

University of Wisconsin: Certificate Program

SUNY Cortland: Graduate Certificate


Preschool and Childcare Director

(Median Salary: $46,890)

preschool director

Preschool and Childcare direction is a multifaceted career that requires a love of and interest in children and their development as well as organizational and managerial skills and knowledge of curriculums. Preschool and childcare directors oversee staffs, activities, finances and curriculum. Childcare center direction is normally full time and onsite.

A bachelor’s degree is a common requirement, and some states and childcare centers require additional certification. The field of preschool and childcare direction is predicted to grow by 7% by 2024.

Online Education Opportunities:

Colorado State University: BS Human Services

Southern New Hampshire: BA Psychology: Childhood and Adolescent Development


Athletic Trainers

(Median Salary: $46,630)

athletic trainers

Culture is growing ever more aware of the need to encourage good health through fitness. Athletic trainers interface with preventative, diagnostic, improvement and remedial fitness health care, assisting their clients to achieve a higher quality of life through bodily integrity and strength.

The majority of trainers work in a hospital, educational and/or athletic contexts. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, most states require additional licensing or certification. Athletic training jobs are predicted to increase by 21% by 2024, making it one of the fastest growing fields of employment. And, with an average salary of over $40,000, athletic trainers are well compensated.

Online Education Opportunities:

University of St. Augustine: MHS Athletic Training

Fresno Pacific University: MA Athletic Training

University of South Florida: MS Advanced Athletic Training


Health Education and Community Health

(Median Salary: $45,360)

healthcare educators

Growing at a faster than average rate of 13%, health educators seek to promote wellness in the community by teaching proper diet and lifestyle practices. They also collate wellness data within the communities they serve in order to pinpoint and address ways in which existing practices can be improved to promote greater overall health. Healthcare educators work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, non-profits and private businesses. Healthcare education is rapidly expanding as communities and healthcare providers and insurers seek to address the increasing strain of rising demand for care and rising costs.

Healthcare educators are minimally required to possess certification, but a college education is often preferable in addition to certification.

Online Education Opportunities:

Walden University: Certificate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs

Southern New Hampshire University: BS Community Health Education

East Carolina University: MA Health Education


Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counseling

(Median Salary: $43,300)

substance abuse counseling

Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling treat a wide range of behaviors, including alcoholism, drug addictions, eating disorders and other behavior problems. Counselors provide advice and treatments that aim to empower and realize recovery from addiction. Work settings vary widely. Some counselors work in private agencies and private practice. Others work in prisons and community mental health centers.

Most jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes a master’s degree is also needed. Less often only a high-school diploma is mandatory. The field of substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling is expected to expand over the next ten years at 22%, a much faster than average rate.

Online Education Opportunities:

Aspen University: BA

Indiana Wesleyan University: BS

Liberty University: BS

University of Massachusetts: BA, MS