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30 Best Online Degrees for Veterans 2019

veterans online schools degree programsEmployers typically consider holders of at least a bachelor degree, particularly when filling job positions in the engineering, architecture, aerospace, and other fields. Undergraduate degree holders have the academic edge over their peers who are non-degree earners, and the former is viewed as a better fit for the jobs because of the training and knowledge that they obtain from accredited colleges or universities.


30 Online Degrees for Senior Citizens 2019

senior citizens online learning

After decades of being a part of the workforce, earning a living, and gathering tons of experiences, older people who have contemplated retirement or are enjoying their retirement might be interested in continuing their education or learn a new skill. For lifelong learners, the thirst for knowledge never ceases even when they reach a certain age.


20 Online Graduate Degrees: No GRE Required 2019

no gre exam requiredOnline colleges and universities offering online graduate programs have unique admission processes, but they all share a standard procedure in common: applicants must meet specific requirements such as letters of recommendation, sample writing, as well as minimum GPA and Graduate Record Examination scores. The GRE is a standardized examination that serves as an assessment of an applicant’s readiness for graduate-level studies.


Top 20 Accredited Online Schools with No Application Fees 2019

no application feeThe cost of attending has long been a subject of debate. More often than not, students end up with massive loan debts that take years of their professional careers to pay.  If you are pursuing your academic goals as a significant step toward reaching the career of your dreams, it is essential to pay close attention to the many ways to alleviate your student debt and repayment problems.



30 Great Resources for the New Online College Student

resourcesDistance learning certainly has its perks. But just the same, online students need to find all the help they can get to meet course requirements and complete school tasks. For a new student, in particular, navigating the waters of online learning can be tricky. The tedious and tough tasks of research and writing await them. Some new students may also try to weigh in on scholarship opportunities or other online school options. Others simply need actionable how-to tips to survive to be an online college student.

30 Online Resources for Ph.D. Students

phd doctorate online degree resourcesThe rise of online education has prompted numerous colleges and universities to offer distance learning alternative for students who wish to earn their degree. As it is a great option that has worked for many, more and more students are enrolling in online learning. Most Ph.D. students, in particular, benefit greatly from studying online and being employed at the same time.



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