30 Cheap Online Bachelor’s Degrees 2019

cheap online bachelor degrees

High tuition rates and quality education often go hand in hand. One of the many challenges that students face today is the lack of means to afford a formal and decent quality education. While there are a lot of bachelor degree programs made available on-campus, not all are of them affordable and convenient to engage in. Fortunately, there are cheap and quality degree programs for anyone who aspires to become a bachelor’s degree holder. These degree programs are now readily made available online. These programs feature significantly lower rates but guarantee quality education.

Today, many universities have already opened their doors to accommodate students online. Through a cheap online bachelor’s degree program, the success of any individual could happen right in the comfort of their homes and at their own pace. The coursework under a cheap online bachelor’s degree program varies depending on the student’s choice of field of study. Any competitive online bachelor’s degree program lasts within a reasonable duration, and students pay under $300 per credit hour.


Our 30 Cheap Online Bachelor Degree Programs for 2019 compiles the colleges and universities that offer top-of-the-line and affordable online bachelor degree programs. On this list, we highlight:


  • the academic institutions that feature more than one program that students can choose to invest in.

This profiled list constitutes the many features of the academic institutions’ affordable online degree programs including:

  • their coursework and curricula,
  • admission and enrollment requirements,
  • prerequisites for graduation,
  • and program duration.
  • When available, the tuition rates are also mentioned to underscore the low-cost undergraduate degree options.

We also highlight:

  • the financial aid or student loan options that make attending college and earning a bachelor’s degree from these schools a little easier on the pocket.



texas tech university

Located in Lubbock, Texas is Texas Tech University, one of the many universities in the area offering cheap yet top-notch online bachelor degree programs. In particular, the university offers 11 online bachelor degree programs made affordable to any interested individual. Students may choose between online Bachelor of Applied Arts & Science degree programs be it in Applied Leadership, Human Sciences, and Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management. There are also cheap Bachelor of Arts degree programs offered for students interested in earning a degree in Political Science, University Studies, and General Studies. Under the College of Human Sciences of the university, students may take advantage of enrolling in a cheap online bachelor’s degree program in Early Child Care and Human Sciences. Students also have the option to enroll in an affordable online Bachelor of Science degree program in Plant and Soil Science, University Studies, and Wind Energy. All these 120-credit hour online bachelor degree programs require a tuition rate of only $250 per credit hour.

Learn about the affordable online bachelor’s programs at Texas Tech University.


lee university

Lee University is a Christ-centered university based in Cleveland, Tennessee. It is one of the many universities in the area that offers top of the line yet affordable tuition. The university offers six fully online bachelor’s degree programs at tuition per credit hour of as low as $214. The competitive online undergraduate programs offered by the university include Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Liberal Studies, Bible and Theology, Christian Studies, and Ministry Leadership. At Lee University, students have a chance to spend less while earning a quality online bachelor’s degree at the same time as there are financial aid resources made available. Students may apply for Lee scholarships and endowment scholarships. Students may also choose among different loan options offered by the university.

Find out about Lee University’s cheap online bachelor’s degree programs.


fort hays state university

Fort Hays State University makes its fully online bachelor degree program readily accessible to anyone in Hays, Kansas who wishes to earn a quality online bachelor’s degree. FHSU takes pride in offering top-quality education at affordable rates. An online undergraduate degree course will only cost an individual $218.67 per credit hour. The Higher Learning Commission accredited university offers a total of 36 affordable online degrees. These include Accounting, Business Education, Computer Science, Geography, and Health Studies among others. Major courses are offered with varied concentrations that students may be able to choose from. To make every student’s educational career even a lot easier, FHSU offers financial aid. The Financial Assistance Office at the university will find a suitable type of financial assistance for every student.

To get started, learn more about Fort Hays State University’s low-cost online bachelor’s degree programs.


minot state university

Minot State University offers quality education at affordable rates all over Minot, North Dakota. The university guarantees fully online bachelor degree programs that are reasonably affordable to today’s learners and aspiring bachelor degree holders. For the academic year 2018-2019, students get to take advantage of the $294.32 per credit hour. Minot State Online only charges students by credit or semester hour. Per credit charge is inclusive of all tuition and fees. This allows students to just pay for the required credits in their chosen online bachelor degree programs. Apart from the university’s lowered tuition rates, MSU also assists students in determining eligibility for financial aid. Notably, the university requires students to accomplish a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It will assess the student’s eligibility for state and federal financial aid programs.

Get started today with Minot State University’s cheap online bachelor’s programs.


purdue university global

Purdue University Global is an Iowa-based university known to provide more than 180 online college degree programs. Among the numerous online degree programs are undergraduate courses in general education with that is centered on fields of communication, humanities, ethics, mathematics, and sciences. All these online bachelor degree programs are accessible to students because of its affordability. At Purdue University Global, standard tuition rate of undergraduate online programs is $371. The university also offers options for students to save on tuition while completing an online bachelor’s degree. There are educational tuition grants, corporate tuition reductions, experiential learning credits, in-state tuition savings, international, military, Purdue global alumni, scholarships, and transfer credits made available as a source of financial aid.

Learn about PUG’s cheap online bachelor’s degree programs.


walden university

Walden University is an HLC accredited university offering high-quality and affordable online bachelor degree courses in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The university offers 17 fully online bachelor’s degree programs. These encompass several areas of study including Business and Management, Communication, Criminal Justice, Education, Information Technology, Nursing, Psychology and Counseling, Public Health and Health Sciences, and Social Work and Human Services. At Walden University, every student gets the necessary financial assistance to speed up earning an online bachelor’s degree. There is a broad range of options that students may choose from. Students may opt for tuition savings or choose any suitable financial option. The university has reliable resources to help out international and residential students alike. A financial aid program ideal for active members of the U.S. military or veterans is also made available. With certified eligibility by the U.S. Department of Education, students may entirely rely on Walden University for assistance in the application of grant and loan programs.

Explore Walden University’s cheap online bachelor’s degrees.



Columbia Southern University has set the bar high when it comes to online education for already more than two decades. This university located in Orange Beach, Alabama is a student-centered university aiming to yield employable students with its quality yet affordable online bachelor degree programs. To ensure high-caliber education for students, CSU implements a Quality Matters Program. The standards apply to all online bachelor degree programs in Business, Criminal Justice, Health, Human Resources, and Information Technology fields. At CSU, students can afford to enroll in an online bachelor’s degree program at $225 per credit hour. Students also have the option to register with a learning partner at an even lower tuition rate of $207 per credit hour. CSU makes sure that every interested individual can afford a quality online education through its Quality Matters Implementation Plan. Certain standards in line with the program ensure students research-supported educational standards at cheaper rates.

Discover affordable online bachelor’s degrees at Columbia Southern University.


regent university

Regent University offers over a hundred fully online bachelor degree programs. The university is home to Christian leaders in the making who wish to spend less to earn a high-caliber bachelor’s degree. Enrolling at Regent University makes a wise investment for any individual as tuition rates are only at $395 per credit hour. For online students of any bachelor’s degree program, university services are cheaper. This is inclusive of student’s access to library resources, academic support center, coaching, and more. All the more that students will not have to worry about paying for their online college tuition as there are financial aid options to choose from at Regent University. Primarily, there are four sources of financial aid such as Federal Aid, State Aid, Private Aid, and Institutional Aid. Students will be advised to submit a financial aid application form that should help them find suitable financial aid for their situation. Regent University makes it financially easy for students to earn their online bachelor’s degree.

Interested? Learn about the low-cost online bachelor’s degree programs at Regent University.


university of alabama

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. It offers fully online bachelor degree programs at reasonably affordable tuition rates. The university is home students who wish to pursue a degree in the fields of education and health care in tuition-saving ways. The other available 100% online bachelor’s degree programs of UAB are Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, and Psychology among other areas of study. As a globally recognized research university and medical center, UAB makes a mark with its promotion of quality education while making it affordable to students at the same time. At UAB, paying for college will not be a burden to students as financial aid options are made available. Students may pay less for their college tuition once eligible for scholarships, tuition assistance, VA benefits and more. Tuition rates at UAB vary for residents and non-residents.

To know your options, find out about the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s cheap online bachelor’s degrees.


Walsh University

Walsh University is a Catholic University based in North Canton, Ohio. The university offers affordable online and accelerated bachelor degree programs. At Walsh University, students interested in earning an online bachelor’s degree in the fields of Communication, Accounting, and Management can pay for their online college tuition as it is cheap and financial aid resources are made available. The university also provides estimated expenses every semester. This makes it easier for enrollees to find the right online bachelor’s degree program suitable to their budget. Students who enroll at Walsh University may avail of more than ten institutional grants and scholarships. There are also Federal and State Financial aid programs that students may choose to pursue their online bachelor’s education.

To know more, don’t hesitate to explore Walsh University’s affordable online bachelor’s degree programs.


lamar university

Lamar University is a university based in Houston, Texas. The university is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Lamar University offers a cheap Bachelor of Science in Nursing program delivered entirely online. Under this affordable online degree program, students get to explore career areas in Health Care, Health Education, and Private Home Health. Lamar University makes it easier for aspiring online nursing graduates to pay for their tuition fees. Through its online financial aid program, qualified students get to choose from Federal financial aid opportunities. Lamar University also accepts students who qualify for a reimbursement of third-party tuition. Students may also take advantage of the university’s refund policy which allows students to recover tuition fees accordingly.

For more information, see Lamar University’s online bachelor’s degree programs.


kansas christian college

Kansas Christian College is one of the leading universities in Overland Park, Kansas to provide quality Christian education. Since 1938, KCC has been providing individuals access to affordable yet valuable biblically-based education. Among the many degree programs offered by Kansas Christian College are 100% online bachelor degree programs. At KCC, students interested in completing a degree in Leadership and Ministry and Business can afford their college tuition. Online classes at Kansas Christian College last five weeks with classes completed one at a time. The tuition rate for bachelor degree programs is $275 per credit hour. Students may pay even less once verified to qualify for a discount. The Financial Aid Department of KCC will help students know their way through a financial aid program matched to their qualifications. There are multiple types of discounts offered by KCC. These include Church Matching Grant, Military Discount, Church of God (Holiness) Member Discount, Church of God (Holiness) Pastor Discount, and Free Class Scaled Pricing Discount. KCC also distributes Title IV Student Aid Programs as approved by the United States Department of Education.

See your online bachelor’s degree options for less at Kansas Christian College.


johnson and wales university

At Johnson & Wales University, earning a quality bachelor’s degree at affordable tuition rates is possible. JWU’s bachelor degree programs have even been more flexible and convenient to engage as the university offers all of their educational programs in an online format. As a widely known affordable regionally accredited university, JWU takes pride in providing top of the line courses at cheap tuition rates. The undergraduate tuition rate at JWU is $330 per credit hour. Students who wish to enroll in an online bachelor’s degree program may also take advantage of the university’s student financial aid programs. Professional financial aid planners of JWU will assist students upon application to a suitable program of financial assistance. The university also extends substantial support to students once accepted to a financial aid program. Through iGrad, enrollees will know their way to financial literacy as the site offers helpful money-saving resources.

Learn about Johnson & Wales University’s affordable online bachelor’s programs.


Abraham_Lincoln_University - legal studies

Abraham Lincoln University located in Los Angeles, California started as a fully online learning university in 1996. Currently, the online learning platform of the university is convenient and ideal for working professionals who wish to further their career and knowledge. The university offers affordable and top quality online bachelor degree programs in Legal Studies, General Studies, Business Administration, and Criminal Justice. All these 120-credit online courses can be complete 100% online at cheap tuition rates. Each online bachelor’s degree program can be completed in as short as a span of 8 weeks. At ALU, students may take advantage of the flexible financial aid programs available. ALU offers different types of Federal financial aid such as the Federal Direct Loan Program and the Federal Pell Grant Program.

To know your loan limits, discover the cheap bachelor’s online degrees at Abraham Lincoln University.


miller motte college

Miller-Motte College is home to experienced instructors, professional tutors, and hands-on trainers. Widely known to provide quality online education, MMC remains to offer an affordable college education to aspiring bachelor degree holders. The school assists students in finding ways to pay for their college education. MMC also offers a broad range of opportunities for scholarship grants. The school offers different types of scholarships such as Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA), Federal Pell Grants, and Student Loans. Whether an individual wishes to pursue an online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management or Legal and Protective Services, MMC ensures affordable tuition for all.

To know if you qualify for a scholarship and financial aid, learn about Miller-Motte College’s low-cost online bachelor’s degree programs.


Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is a school based in Bloomington, Minnesota offering over almost 20 fully online bachelor degree programs. The school is widely known to promote that quality education does not have to be expensive. At Rasmussen, tuition for every course in an online bachelor’s degree program is reasonably cheap. Besides the affordable tuition rates, Rasmussen College also offers scholarship opportunities to those who are fully qualified individuals. At Rasmussen College, students enrolled under the school’s online bachelor degree programs will never feel alone managing and saving up their college tuition. Students may also be advised to make use of the loans and grants offered by the school to spend less on their bachelor’s education.

Navigate through your low-cost online bachelor’s degree options at Rasmussen University.


Liberty University

Liberty University is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. LU offers more than ten fully online bachelor degree programs that are student budget-friendly. At LU Online, there are different ways an individual may earn a bachelor’s degree. When it comes to tuition rates, the university offers varied options. The university allows students to apply for financial aid. For those students who have a hard time paying their online education in fully, LU offers payment plan options. There are also discounts made available by the university for police, EMS, and other first responders. On most of LU’s online bachelor’s degree programs, qualified individuals may avail of a 25% tuition discount. The university also makes quality bachelor’s education even more affordable with its wide range of scholarship programs. For online students, internal and external scholarships await. Residents of Virginia will save a lot if enrolled at LU as there is a Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) offered. Another viable offer that cuts college finances year-round is the Pell grant.

Know more about Liberty University’s affordable online bachelor’s programs.


Western Governors University

Western Governors University is an accredited and well-respected university located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a university globally recognized for debt reduction among students. The university offers a wide range of affordable and high-quality online bachelor’s degree programs. WGU’s competitive online bachelor degree programs focus on Business, Healthcare, and Information Technology. All these courses in the online course format are guaranteed to have affordable tuition rates. The university provides multiple financial aid programs for students with the goal to help students succeed with little to no college debt at all. WGU makes sure their online bachelor’s education program works for the budget of the majority. Financial aid at WGU can come in handy for online student’s tuition and other school fees, electronic learning materials, textbooks, and other educational expenses.


Get significant savings with Western Governors University’s online bachelor’s degree programs.


southeast missouri state university

At Southeast Missouri State University, students get high-caliber and affordable online bachelor’s degree education through the academic institution’s financial services. Included in the university’s financial services are financial aid, students accounts, and interaction with the university’s cashier. At SMSU, students are oriented on their financial opportunities through college grants and scholarships to those qualified. Primarily, the university aims to fund the cost of every student’s education. With the hands-on assistance of the university’s staff, students are informed of their financial options to afford an online bachelor’s education. SMSU takes pride in offering three categories of scholarships to students. These are Southeast Scholarships that are funded by the university, State Scholarships that are supported by the State of Missouri, and External Scholarships that provide for helpful links and tools to search for other scholarship opportunities.

Discover low-cost online bachelor’s degrees at Southeast Missouri State University.


peru state college

Peru State College offers affordable and quality online undergraduate programs in Nebraska. The online bachelor degree programs of the school are categorized into four different fields of study. These are Business Administration, Management, Psychology, and Criminal Justice. All the online courses under these programs are guaranteed priced at tuition rates that interested individuals can surely afford. For the academic year 2018-2019, tuition fee of online bachelor degree programs is $289. Students will then have to pay to even lower rates as Peru State College offers financial aid programs available. Providing grants is the school’s top priority making sure it is awarded to students who qualify for an exceptional need to finance oneself through college. Peru State College offers four types of grants to students. These are Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Nebraska Opportunity Grant, and Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant. There are also loans provided by the school to assist students in affording their online college tuition.

Want an affordable undergraduate degree? Learn about the cheap online bachelor’s programs at Peru State College.


waldorf university

Waldorf University offers ten fully online bachelor’s degree program at an affordable tuition rate. The university ensures that its bachelor degree programs in the online course format can be afforded by interested individuals who wish to pursue a career in fields of Business, Communications, Criminal Justice, Health Care, and Emergency Management among others. At Waldorf University, there are a lot of options for students to save on their online college tuition. For undergraduate online programs, the tuition fee is at $295 per credit hour. More tuition discounts await those active-duty military members who wish to enroll in an online bachelor’s degree program. Waldorf University awards Pell Grant to those qualified. The Grant amount is based on the cost of attendance, enrollment status, and estimated family contribution. Residents of Iowa can also afford online education if awarded an Iowa Tuition Grant.


Find out more about Waldorf University’s low-cost online bachelor’s degrees.


University of Florida

The University of Florida is a university offering cheap online bachelor degree programs for interested individuals in Gainesville, Florida. The tuition rate for the online bachelor’s degree programs of UF varies between residents and non-residents. For the former, tuition is incredibly low at $129.18 per credit hour. This rate is already inclusive of tuition and other required fees. There are also optional fees at $46.21 per credit hour. For the latter, tuition is reasonably priced at $ 212.71 per credit hour. Possible distance learning fees may also apply. Other than their affordable online bachelor degrees programs, the University of Florida also offers financial aid programs. There are grants made available which do not require repayment from students. There are also scholarships, student employment programs, loans, and non-SFA administered aid.

Find out about the University of Florida’s affordable online bachelor’s degree programs.


arkansas state university

At Arkansas State University, every student’s educational investment will be maximized and put to good use. ASU offers a broad range of top-notch online bachelor degree programs that are reasonably low-priced. At ASU, about 90% of online students receive assistance financially. With the flexible financial aid program of the university, students can pay off their online college tuition. To avail and be considered to qualify for ASU’s program of financial assistance, the university only requires enrollees to follow some simple application steps. Initially, students need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.

Learn about Arkansas State University’s affordable online bachelor’s programs.


jackson state university

Jackson State University offers a total of 5 fully online bachelor degree programs. All these are made available to aspiring bachelor degree holders at realistically affordable tuition rates. Whether it’s an online bachelor’s degree in Childcare and Family Education, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Administration, Professional Interdisciplinary Studies, or Technology – Emergency Management Technology concentration, JSU assures every student can afford the online educational program they offer. Online undergraduate tuition starts at $366 per credit hour.

See Jackson State University’s cheap online bachelor’s programs and explore your options.


western kentucky university

Western Kentucky University is one of the many universities that offer top value education. WKU is consistent in providing high-quality online education while maintaining their online tuition fees at rates affordable to students. Offering more than ten fully online bachelor degree programs, WKU lets students choose their major without worrying about soaring college tuition rates. Besides lowered tuition rates at WKU, the university also offers several financial aid programs mostly in the form of scholarships. Students may choose from different financial aid sources such as tuition waivers, state scholarships, alumni grant, athletic scholarships, and third-party scholarships. Student employment is also another type of financial aid that WKU makes available to their enrollees.

Discover affordable online bachelor’s degree programs at Western Kentucky University.


oregon state university

Oregon State University is a university that offers more than 25 online bachelor degree programs. OSU ensures students that all of these are within the cost limit of students and aspiring bachelor degree holders. The total cost per credit hour for all online undergraduate programs is $297. Earning an online bachelor’s degree at OSU could be a lot more affordable as the university offers financial aid programs. These programs are made available to fit every individual’s financial need to complete an online college degree. The university provides students with a complete guide on applying and getting qualified for a program of financial assistance.

Earn your affordable online bachelor’s degrees at Oregon State University.


Entirely online and SACSCOC accredited online bachelor’s degree programs are offered by Amridge University. The university offers over 35 online bachelor degree programs that are affordable to individuals interested to further their studies and career at Amridge University. For incoming online students, the full-time tuition rate is $250 per credit hour. At AU, students may also take advantage of the financial aid programs offered. The university provides scholarships and grants to assist students in paying their college tuition.

Find out about Amridge University’s affordable online degree programs.


ball state university

Based in Muncie, Indiana is Ball State University, a university that offers top-quality and quality fully online education at an affordable tuition fee. BSU offers seven online bachelor degree programs in Applied Behavior Analysis, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and General Studies to name a few. All these are made available to students at an affordable tuition. For online in-state students, tuition is $304 per credit hour. For out-of-state online students, tuition is $510 per credit hour as distance learning charges apply. Online fees at BSU are inclusive of basic tuition or credit fees, technology fee, and program or course fee. Aside from the affordable tuition rates offered, BSU also provides over 500 scholarships. These are all made accessible to incoming students.

See low-cost bachelor’s degrees at Ball State University.


auburn university

The affordability of the tuition rates of all the online bachelor degree programs at Auburn University only proves that quality education does not have to be expensive. Auburn University’s global presence has drawn students to enroll in an online degree program while not worrying about paying for a college education. The university offers more than ten comprehensive online bachelor degree programs at rates affordable to students, interested professionals, and working adults. Other than lowered tuition fees, Auburn University also offers financial aid programs to make students like a lot easier. The Student Financial Services of Auburn University commits to assisting its students in delivering their financial obligations while completing an online bachelor’s degree. The university offers more than 20 active scholarships to date.

Learn about the cheap online bachelor’s degrees at Auburn University.


bethel university mckenzie

Bethel University has affordable educational options for busy and working adults. Offering fully online bachelor degree programs, Bethel University continues to invite individuals to invest in quality education. At Bethel University, earning an online bachelor’s degree is possible and affordable. The university provides different payment options for students who wish to enroll. Options include cash plan, Federal/State Loans or Grants, tuition reimbursement plan, third-party billing plan, and private loan plan. Financial aid assured by Bethel University to students may come from different resources such as the U.S. Federal government, the state government, the university itself, and any nonprofit or private organization.

See your affordable online bachelor’s options at Bethel University.


What are the requirements for admission to Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs?

requirements online bachelors degrees

Upon admission to an online Bachelor’s degree program, requirements vary depending on the field of study and the university. However, the criteria for admission are more or less similar. These include a fully accomplished application form of the specific university, high school transcript, and certified official copies of ACT or SAT scores. Application fees may also be required. There is very little difference between the admission requirements between online and on-campus students, and program-specific conditions apply.

If you’re considering earning an online degree, be sure to have reliable internet access, as well as well-functioning equipment such as a computer, earbuds or earphones, and basic software to access the online learning platform. You need a quiet and comfortable workspace that lets you focus on your online classes.

How long does it take for Online Bachelor’s Degree students to complete the program?

time fast bachelors online

Online classes vary in terms of program length. Generally, the completion of an online bachelor’s degree program is dependent on the end of the required number of credit hours. An online bachelor’s degree program usually requires 120 credit hours and take about four years to complete on a full-time basis. Online programs accept college credits from previously earned degrees for transfer toward the new degree to be obtained online.

There are several degree completion programs as well, that qualify students who have earned at least 24 associate’s degree credits. Online courses can be finished in about eight to nine weeks or as little as five weeks. Many of them require less than a year’s worth of attendance.

Do Online Bachelor’s Degree students get financial aid opportunities?

financial aid

Students enrolled in an online bachelor’s degree program may take advantage of several financial aid opportunities to fund their full-time undergraduate study. Financial aid includes but is not limited to Federal Financial Aid, grants, part-time employment program, and loans. Distance learners are eligible for financial aid if their online school is regionally acknowledged by an accrediting body that the U.S. Department of Education (ED) approves. An essential consideration for granting financial assistance is the enrollment status of an online student. Being a full-time or part-time online degree enrollee impacts the amount of assistance a student receives.

It is worth mentioning that there is no distinctive difference between the financial aid opportunities offered to online and on-campus students. Specific qualifications apply, and virtually the same programs and tools for application are advised for prospective recipients. The best course of action to ensure that you can apply for financial aid to fund your online education is to ask your online college or university about your options.