30 Cheap Online Associate Degrees 2019

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Prospective students get value for their money when they choose cheap online associate degrees. Online colleges guarantee high-caliber programs that feature a comprehensive curriculum, seasoned instructors, and relevant academic and practical instruction. These educational elements are especially crucial as graduates face a very competitive employment marketplace. They address the different factors that affect under-education and alleviate the 4.6% unemployment rate among high school graduates.

Indeed, the country’s bourgeoning educational system has resulted in an ironic academic situation: many students and graduates fall under the “under-education” category. This growing trend is made apparent with numerous high school graduates choosing to get technical jobs instead of pursuing higher education. They surmise that getting a job without a college degree not only lets them earn fast; it also enables them to dodge the dreaded student loans. Today, an increasing number of academic institutions are investing in providing alternative learning choices, such as cheap online associate degrees that are usually completed in just two years.

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These alternative learning choices are both accessible and affordable to address the issue of, among other things, under-education. With these options, students can pursue quality online education at a relatively low cost.

As the global economy adapts to complex developments, the need for skilled and educated employees increases at a considerable rate. And as employment opportunities today require higher-level educational attainment, and completing an associate’s degree gives you the competitive advantage, as it adequately prepares students for various entry-level positions. Some research also points to the roughly 30% of associate’s degree holders whose earning capacity is higher than that of bachelor’s degree holders.


We have compiled 30 Cheap Online Associate Degrees offered by some of the country’s most popular colleges and universities. This list underscores:

  • the rigorous online program coursework of the associate’s degrees featuring many areas of study.
  • It also details the course curricula that adult learners need to complete through full-time or part-time schooling.

Importantly, these distance learning options provide aspiring undergraduate degree holders the choice to obtain a college degree in the most practical way by learning at their own pace without spending too much time and money.

  • The low-cost fees, when available, are mentioned on this list.
  • There is also data on the career or job options that associate’s degree holders can look forward to after earning their diploma.

East Mississippi Community College

east mississippi community college

East Mississippi Community College (EMCC) requires students to complete two to four years of their fully online degree programs. EMCC has strategically established six campuses in Mississippi while its main campus remains in Scooba. The college offers more than 450 online classes, which includes undergraduate, associate, certificate, and bachelors and graduate degrees. Local students can earn an associate’s degree from EMCC, ranging from academic divisions in Humanities and Fine Arts, Mathematics and Science, or Social Science and Business degree programs.

Among the college’s most famous Career Technical programs are Accounting Technology, Administrative Office Technology, and an Associate Degree in Nursing. The Associate Degree in Nursing is an excellent preparatory course for the role of registered nurse. EMCC offers two entry options for the associate degree, the Generic Option, and the LPN to RN transition. The LPN to RN track is ideal for those who want to transition from being a Licensed Practical Nurse to a Registered Nurse.

For more information, visit the East Mississippi Community College (EMCC) website.

Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion

indiana wesleyan university

An Evangelical Christian academic institution, Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion has been providing liberal arts education to the state of Indiana. IWU boasts being the most extensive private higher education provider in the state while maintaining affordability and accessibility. Under the online degree path, students can choose a diverse associate degree programs which cover broad areas of study. Complete an associate degree in Business, Computer Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Integrative Studies, or Christian Ministries IWU-Marion. What sets the university apart from other private institutions is their financial aid programs.

Take advantage of IWU-Marion’s financial aid options and begin your journey towards earning an online associate’s degree.

Laramie County Community College


Known for its affordable, fully online associate degrees, Laramie County Community College (LCCC) is serving students in Wyoming and beyond. The extensive associate degree programs available through hybrid and fully online formats. Choose from Associate of Arts in Education or Childhood Education, Associate of Science in Accounting, Business Management, and Associate of Applied Science in Accounting, and Computer Information Systems.

Laramie County Community College has designed a blueprint for academic success emphasizing the four general education outcomes. The four education outcomes of reasoning, effective communication, collaboration, and human culture are incorporated in the college’s curriculum, ensuring competencies among graduates. Students can transfer earned credits with various Wyoming colleges and universities through LCCC’s transfer agreements.

Learn more about each of their programs when you visit the Laramie County Community College (LCCC) page.

Liberty University

Liberty University

Leading the innovation in online learning, Liberty University brings value to every dollar spent on education. The online university offers a total of 16 associate degrees covering industry-specific disciplines. Among the most popular online associate degrees are Associate of Applied Science in Medical Office Assistant, Associate of Arts in Accounting, Associate of Arts in Apologetics, and Associate of Science in Mathematics.

Liberty University encourages students to apply for financial aid, which puts the university among the most affordable online school. Complete your associate degree through a self-paced format, accommodating your hectic schedule.

Learn more about the associate degree programs by visiting the Liberty University website.

Western Texas College

western texas college

A two-year college located in rural northwestern Texas, Western Texas College (WTC), prepares students for a myriad of industrial employment. The two-year degree programs welcome students who would like to get a head start towards a four-year undergraduate degree.

Prepare for gainful employment when you choose one among the four two-year associate degrees. These are available through the distance learning arm of WTC. Upon completion of graduation requirements, students are awarded a degree in one of the following, Associate of Arts (A.A.) Degree, Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree, Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree, and Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) Degree. Among the popular courses are Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, and Information Technology.

Get in touch with an online-learning specialist or visit Western Texas College’s website for more details.

Allen County Community College


Since 1923, Allen County Community College has provided career and technical degrees in the state of Kansas. Through new learning and new academic spaces, Allen County can offer online associate degrees beyond the state. Earn an Associate in Arts (AA) Degree, Associate in Science (AS) Degree, Associate in Applied Science (ASS) Degree, and Associate in General Studies Degree. Online associate degrees are offered in three academic tracks – Transfer Degree Track, Career Degree Track, and Allied health Programs.

Pursue an associate degree in either Addictions & Prevention Studies, Agribusiness, Biology, Biology/Pre-Medicine, Information Technology, or Secondary Education and more. Tuition fees per credit hour are the same for onsite and online courses at $60. In addition to this, a technology fee of $5.00 is charged for both onsite and online students.

Visit Allen County Community College’s Blackboard for more information.

Albany Technical College

albany technical college

Albany Technical College is a two-year academic institution committed to providing specialized associate degrees. Whenever you start, Albany Tech promises to help you improve your skills and accomplish your personal and educational goals. Among the fully online associate of applied degrees offered through Albany Tech online is Business Logistics Management, Fire Science Technology, Law Enforcement Technology, and Marketing Management.

There are 11 online associate degree programs available through Albany Tech Online. All online course instructions are offered through the Blackboard learning management system. In addition to this, students can access 24/7 technical support for any inquiry.

To know more about the programs and the college, visit Albany Technical College.

Arizona Western College

arizona western college

Arizona Western College (AWC) has designed a blueprint for ensuring quality online education throughout the country. Students can earn Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Applied Science (AAS), as well as a variety of certificate degrees through the college’s advanced distance learning technologies. The college’s associate degrees may be obtained by completing the required courses, depending on your major. Students need to fulfill general education requirements, satisfy required competencies, and comply with sufficient electives.

Enjoy fully online class instructions and coursework at a minimal cost of $25 per credit. As an innovation, AWC utilizes an interactive television network to deliver general education classes. Choose from a variety of associate degree or career technical training in various disciplines.

Explore Arizona Western College by visiting their website.

Arkansas Northeastern College

arkansas northeastern college

Boasting the lowest tuition rate in the whole of Arkansas, Arkansas Northeastern College is a top choice for cost-conscious distance learners. Under ANC’s online degrees, students can earn a fully online associate degree. There are six associate degree programs to choose from, which includes Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of General Studies (A.G.S.), A.A.S. Criminal Justice, A.S. Business, A.S. Criminology, and A.S. Early Childhood Education.

Arkansas Northeastern College encourages its students to pursue further education. Credits earned through the two-year associate degree can be transferable to a four-year program. The associate degrees require the completion of 60 credit hours to graduate.

For more details, visit the Arkansas Northeastern College website.

Western Wyoming Community College

western wyoming community college

Western Wyoming Community College aims to become the primary provider of distance education in the state and throughout the country. The college continually provides the best value in online education. This is evident in WWCC’s two-year online associate degrees. Students can complete the program without ever stepping foot on campus. Aside from the convenience of fully online instructions, Western Wyoming offers a wide range of degree programs. These include A.A. Degrees concentrating on Criminal Justice, Social Science, Social Work, and Sociology. The school also offers A.A.S. Degree in Office Information Systems, as well as A.S. Degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, and Computer Information Systems.

Expect to finish your associate’s degree on time as all online classes follow a time-managed format. This encourages students to submit and complete all requirements as needed. Most importantly, Western Wyoming Community College is authorized to offer online education in 35 states. This is because of the colleges good standing and the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement.

For more information, visit the Western Wyoming Community College website.

Odessa College

odessa college

A modest higher education institution, Odessa College is providing alternative learning opportunities to local students of West Texas. The college targets busy, career-oriented individuals. Odessa College offers 15 fully online associate degrees in both the Arts and Sciences.

“Imagine more at Odessa” as you are given ample opportunities to aid your educational expenses. Earn an online associate degree in business, general studies, early childhood education, psychology, biology, criminal justice, social sciences, and child development and expect a better job outlook. Earn a course credit for as low as $5 per hour. Plus, you can take your first class for free!

For more details, visit Odessa College.

Kansas City Kansas Community College

Kansas City Kansas Community College

Through the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA), Kansas City Kansas Community College can offer online degrees in the country. Distance learners can earn an associate degree through KCKCC’s diverse degree programs. Take advantage of affordable educational opportunities and choose from the college’s 100% online associate degrees. Among the You are assured to gain quality education as it implements strict small class sizes.

Among the most popular online associate degrees are Associate in Applied Science in Accounting, Addiction Counseling, Nursing, Associate in Arts in Economics, Elementary Education, Associate in Science in Business, Chemistry, and Associate in General Studies. Prepare for competitive career opportunities and excel in your chosen field.

Know more about the degree offerings by visiting the Kansas City Kansas Community College website.

Tulsa Community College

tulsa community college

Tulsa Community College (TCC) welcomes over 20,000 students annually, eagerly starting their journey to higher education. TCC is known for its affordable online associate degree programs that attract some students in and out of the state. It promises students to have an easy beginning towards continuing a college degree while ensuring employability right after graduation.

Choose from Associate of Arts Elementary Education, Liberal Arts-General Emphasis, History, or Psychology. In addition to the extensive online associate of arts degree programs are Associate Science in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Marketing, and Mathematics, and Associate of Applied Science in select disciplines. Several online resources are available for students 24/7.

For more information about the associates degree programs offered by Tulsa Community College, click here.

Northeast Community College

northeast community college

Northeast Community College is a known provider of online vocational and technical education in Northeast Nebraska. It offers two online Associate of Applied Science and 11 online Associate in Arts degrees in areas such as Business, Early Childhood Development, Administrative Professional, Criminal Justice, Accounting and Behavioral Sciences

Right after completion of the required credit hours, and coursework, students who have an associate degree are ready to take on an entry-level position in their chosen field. NCC maintains its educational standard by only employing faculty and staff who are proven competent is student services.

To know more about Northeast Community College, visit the college website.

Davenport University

davenport university

Michigan’s Davenport University is known for its top-quality online education. The University opens its doors to distance learners across the globe, emphasizing technical associate degrees. Davenport University-Global Campus offers fully online associate degree programs that invite career-oriented individuals to more career opportunities.

Earn an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Computer Information Systems, or Associate of Applied Science Degree in Health Information Technology from DU-Global Campus. All online associate degree programs follow an asynchronous learning format, emphasizing convenience and flexibility. All of the coursework, quizzes, assignments, and tests are accessible through Blackboard Learn. Take advantage of Davenport’s Yellow Ribbon status and earn an online associate degree that is partially or fully funded. There is no question that the university maintains is standing as one of the most affordable online learning institutions in the country.

Learn how to get fully funded and more when you visit Davenport University.

Trinity Valley Community College

trinity valley community college

Trinity Valley Community College is the pride of East Texas, providing the area with affordable two-year online degree programs. The college offers both on-campus and fully online courses, covering a comprehensive list of majors. Through TVCC’s distance learning arm, students can earn an online Associate of Arts (Liberal Arts) in Teaching (AAT) and Music (AAM), and Associates of Applied Science degrees. Students can also opt to earn Certificates of Completion and Occupational Skills Achievement awards. As part of the mission of Virtual College of Texas, Trinity Valley Community College promotes diversity in online education.

Visit the Trinity Valley Community College for more information on how to avail financial aid.

Central Texas College

central texas college

Students looking for a flexible online associate degree program can select one of the Central Texas College programs. In addition to more than 60 career-oriented online associate degree programs. The school provides a variety of scheduling options to help students create a balance between work, home, and academic stability. Once you have decided on the degree program you will enroll in you can choose from any of the monthly start dates and complete all courses in 16 weeks or less.

Through the distance learning division, you can earn an Associate of Arts & Science Degrees or Associate of Applied Science Degrees and Certificates. CTC is a military-friendly college, accommodating veterans and active officers, and prides itself in low tuition rates per credit. Evening and weekend classes are open for full-time career men and women looking for academic advancement.

For more details, visit Central Texas College.

Northwest Iowa Community College

northwest iowa

Northwest Iowa Community College offers online associate degree programs and more than 750 individual online courses that follow either four-, eight-, 12-, and 16-week formats. Students gain top-quality academic instruction from NICC as it is a member of the Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC). Through the membership, students can access virtual courses, some free of charge, from the other member schools.

Earn an online Associate Degree Nursing-Hybrid, Associate of Arts Programs, or Associate of Arts: Business and enhance your employability. Most importantly, the colleges Financial Aid Office makes it a point that all applications are fixed.

For more information, visit Northwest Iowa Community College.

Central Georgia Technical College

Central Georgia Technical College

Driven towards attaining both personal and academic success of their students, Central Georgia Technical College offers industry-specific online associate degrees. The college recognizes the need for skilled workers, so it invests in designing online programs for the most competitive industries. As a significant part of the school’s distance learning program, students can take online courses and complete an associate degree. CGTC has conferred a record-breaking 660 associate degrees in A.Y. 2018. This is, by far, the highest number since 2013.

Among the most popular associate degrees include AAS in Business, AAS in Health, AAS in Personal Public Studies, and AAS Technical Studies. The innovative BlendFlex method, online coursework are accessible and flexible. Most importantly, the school’s online programs produce competent members of the workforce through affordable education.

Learn more about their associates programs when you visit Central Georgie Technical College.

Keiser University

keiser university

Keiser University is a prominent school throughout Florida, boasting over 20 campuses in the state alone. And through the university’s distance learning portal, it can reach tens of thousands of students every year. The university’s Fort Lauderdale Online Division, students can choose to take an online associate degree in Accounting, Criminal Justice, Fire Science, General Studies, Health Services Administration, Homeland Security, Information Technology, Medical Administrative Billing & Coding, or Paralegal Studies.

You can easily transfer your earned credits to Keiser University’s diverse four-year degree programs or any other higher education institution. This is a feature that many students take advantage of. Also, academic advisors, professors, and your peers, as well as student support professionals, are available to assist you anytime. University graduates are always welcomed to join a large number of alumni population, making networking easier.

To know more about the online associates programs, visit Keiser University-Fort Lauderdale Online Division.

West Valley College

west valley college

A good standing member of the California Community College System, West Valley College continues its mission of providing affordable online education to nearly 15,000 students. Independently, the college offers over 150 online courses, including a diverse choice of associate degree programs. Among the top picks are Associates in Business, Criminal Justice, General Education, and Information Systems Technology.

WVC boasts its notable alumni who have established themselves in the field of athletics, entertainment, journalism, and the sciences. They have provided sizable donations to the college, allowing it to provide lower tuition rates per credit and scholarship opportunities. In 2017 alone, it has awarded an Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees to 705 students.

To know more about West Valley College’s online programs, visit their website.

Taft College

taft college

Taft College is a highly-regarded public institution providing California students with affordable two-year online education. You can even take free classes on edX! It has become a leader in online education, offering a diverse range of academic programs that align with the current employment trend. Taft offers fully online associate degrees, namely, Biology, Business Commerce, Accounting Technology Technician, and Bookkeeping, Criminal Justice Administration (Corrections Focus), Criminal Justice Administration (Non-Corrections Focus), Liberal Arts, and Early Childhood Education.

Students can opt to begin their online education anytime during the fall, spring or summer semesters. Application is open and accessible through the college’s online portal. Taft maintains a small class size which ensures that instructions are delivered effectively. All coursework information may be accessed through Canvas, a learning management platform that caters all online students.

For detailed information about Taft College, visit the online college portal.

Great Basin College

great basin college

Great Basin College offers an extensive list of online associate degree programs. Students have the option to choose between career or technical studies, depending on the desired outcome. All GBC’s online classes are taught by the same reputable instructors that handle on-campus lectures. You have the option to follow the same class schedule like the one available for on-campus students. Among the online degree programs offered through GBC’s Distance Program are fully online Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science degrees. Choose associate degrees in Early Childhood Education, Business, Accounting, Human Services, or Entrepreneurship. Classes follow both synchronous and asynchronous learning format, whichever the professor prefers.

For more information, visit Great Basin College.

North Dakota State College of Science

north dakota state college of science

Become a Wildcat when you enroll in North Dakota State College of Science’s online career and technical programs. The college offers a range of degree programs in liberal arts and sciences, including Health Information Technology, Marketing Management, Web Design and Development, and Paramedic Technology. At NDSCS, you will come to appreciate the value of affordable, high-quality education. Online tuition and other fees range from $202.23 per credit.

You can easily transfer earned credits through transfer paths in general liberal arts and general studies. Online associate degree holders can always pursue a bachelor’s degree. Distance learners can access Blackboard support 24/7, and take advantage of the SMARTTHINKING tutoring services to enhance learning potential.

To know more about the college, and the online associate programs, visit North Dakota State College of Science.

Columbus State Community College

columbus state community college

Columbus State Community College continues its effort to design industry-specific online associate degrees to help students improve their academic situation. To this day, it maintains its accolade as the largest provider of online courses in the state of Ohio. Pursuing distance learning through CSCC is always the right choice because it is affordable, accessible and highly flexible.

With online classes from Columbus State Community College, you will get the education you need on your schedule. Earn an online associate degree in Graphic Design, Business, Marketing Supply Chain Management, Digital Photography, and Finance. Online students are assured of getting the same personalized attention that is available to on-campus students.

For detailed information, please visit Columbus State Community College.

Madisonville Community College

madisonville community college

Students can earn fully online associate degrees from Madisonville Community College, a local leader in distance learning innovation. Courses in the field of Medical and Emergency Services, Systems Information Technology, Biology, Management, Education, and Criminal Justice.

Madisonville Community College is the proud provider of Kentucky’s lowest tuition rate. Plus, there are various financial aid options available at your fingertips. MCC will help you reach your goals, without investing so much in education. An online associate degree is an ideal choice to move forward, and MCC’s extensive degree listing is a sure way to attaining career advancements.

Explore more financial aid options as well as other online courses by visiting Madisonville Community College.

University of Delaware

university of delaware

The University of Delaware promises affordable, flexible schedule, and high-quality education to all prospective students. The university offers a variety of online courses that address today’s growing industries. Become a Blue Hen once you enroll in one of the many online associate degrees available through their online portal. Choose from multiple concentrations under the Associate in Arts online program. Complete a total of 60 credits, and graduate with a UD diploma.

The distance learning format adopts the premier learning technologies. It features outstanding education instruction by notable faculty members. UD utilizes Canvas as the course management platform.

For more information, visit the University of Delaware.

University of Toledo

university of toledo

The University of Toledo is where the Rockets was born. It is home to more than 20,000 students and a diverse community of distance learners. In 1998, the university opened its doors to distance learners, catering students from all over the state and beyond. Online associate degree programs are among the most sought after degree offering from the university.

Students can earn a two-year degree by enrolling in Toledo’s associate degree programs online. Choose from an extensive list of associate degrees, including Associate in Accounting Technology, Business Administration, Business Management Technology, Computer Network Administration, General Studies, Information Services, and Support, and more. The online associate degree offered by the University of Toledo and fully accredited and are taught by reputable professors.

Learn more when you visit the University of Toledo.

Wayland Baptist University

wayland baptist university

Wayland Baptist University is a perfect online school for students who are seeking to embody their Christian faith in their education. Located in Texas with over 13 campuses across six US states and in Kenya, the university reaches a significant number of students. All academic programs are fully accredited and standardized to cater to the technical aspects of online education.

Be an Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Arts degree holder in 11 weeks at BWU. Wayland Baptist University is proud to produce competent graduates who become productive members of the industry they choose to join.

Find more about the exciting opportunities when you visit Wayland Baptist University.

University of the Incarnate Word

university of the incarnate word

Dedicated to providing students an affordable online education, the University of the Incarnate Word offers quality higher education. It celebrates the Judeo-Christian tradition in their online curriculum. Tailored for busy adults, the online associate degree programs in areas of General Studies, Business Administration, and Information Technology.

The University of the Incarnate Word continues to maintain academic excellence and is named one of the top online schools by the SR Education Group. Adult learners pay reduced tuition rates and are free to take online, day, night or weekend courses. Giving special consideration is given to members of the military, through giving then tuition fee incentives and scholarships.

Know more about the program by visiting the University of the Incarnate Word.


What are the most popular associates degrees available online?

associates degree jobs

The popularity of online degrees has led to more and more students giving preference to online education. Aside from its convenience and flexibility, online learning is generally affordable. Students do not need to compromise other priorities when taking online courses, especially online associate degrees. Distance Learners can earn an associate degree in one of today’s most high in demand industries, such as business, healthcare management, criminal justice, general education, nursing and healthcare administration. Each of these areas promises a lucrative entry- and top-level career:

  • Associate of Arts in Business get a median salary of $52,000 per year.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice degree holders who hold paralegal jobs earn $50, 410 yearly.
  • Associate of Science in Nursing graduates can move towards a licensure degree in Nursing which will significantly increase their median pay.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration graduates get entry-level positions as administrative assistants, medical billing managers, and healthcare office managers and earn $49,000 annually.
Are online associate degrees cheaper?

cheap associates degrees

Tuition and other fees for online associate degree programs differ depending on the institution you choose to enroll in. However, due to the shorter completion time, actual expenses are significantly reduced making an online associate degree affordable. Although an online associate’s degree is among the most affordable academic path, many, if not all, still seek for financial assistance. Online schools offer numerous financial aid, which covers most of the educational cost. Filling out a FAFSA form is always the first step in determining your scholarship eligibility, especially for federal assistance. To ensure your chances to qualify, make sure that you only enroll in a fully accredited online associate’s degree program. Of course, to avoid delays, complete the required papers and fill out the form.

How long does it take to earn an associate degree online?

associates degree completion time

An online associate degree is a two-year degree. Generally, students finish an associate degree in two years, but the degree is transferable to a four-year bachelor’s degree. Full-time students take 12-18 credit hours per semester, while part-time students usually take a minimum of 9 credit hours. Most associate’s degree requires 60 credit hours for completion. Taking it online will significantly reduce your completion time to one year and a half. Your online curriculum can be modified to tailor-fit your goals. This way, you can reduce your time to graduate, and your expenses. Most online schools accept previously earned course credits from accredited online colleges and universities. Transferring eligible course credits is the easiest way to obtain an online associate degree faster.