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Have you ever thought of attending a trade or vocational school? Are you interested in a high paying and personally rewarding career but don’t necessarily have four (or more) years to invest, or, perhaps, even, the set of desires and academic disposition earning a college degree requires? If this describes you, acquiring a professional trade or skill might be the perfect way to realize your dreams of gaining the needed skills and knowledge that will pave the way towards stable and well-paying work.

30 High Paying Trade School Degrees

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Who doesn’t want a high Return On Investment (ROI)? Going to a trade school and obtaining a skill in a specific trade can be as easy as taking online classes for several months versus years and not having to pay back school loans way on into the future! And, who doesn’t want a high paying job?! Check out our list for the 30 High Paying Trade School Degrees to get started on your career path today!


Online Trade and Vocation Schools Directory

vocational trade school directory

Have we made this easy for you OR WHAT? This comprehensive guide shows you not only what schools offer online options in your desired career path, but we went the extra mile to show just exactly what trades those schools offer! Looking for free information to be sent to you regarding your trade of choice? Refer to the degree finder at the top of this page and search for your trade to receive information… it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!



Best Online Schools For Diesel Mechanics Programs

diesel mechanics trade school

Diesel mechanics work hard to repair and maintain diesel engines which can be found in heavy-duty trucks, tractor-trailer rigs, bulldozers, cranes and farm equipment. As the economy continues to grow and the transportation of goods increase, so will the need for well-qualified diesel mechanics with ASE certification. Your online career diploma will help you develop the skills needed to begin a career in diesel mechanics and generally can be earned in less than a year.


Best Online Pharmacy Technology Certificate Programs

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Much depends on the safety of a pharmacy. Not only do the medications have to be properly administered by the pharmacist, but the environment needs to be clean, orderly and maintained. This job is done by a pharmacy technician. However, pharmacy technicians do much more than maintenance. They organize medications, prepare labels and calculate quantities. They make sure that the pharmacy complies with proper procedures, rules and regulations. They determine inventory level, place orders and remove outdated drugs.

Best Online Schools for Court Reporting

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A courtroom is a fascinating place in which to have a career. The legal process is one of the most necessary functions of our society. One way to be involved in this process without the extensive education necessary to be a lawyer or judge is in the field of court reporting. Court reporters are a vital part of legal proceedings. They create an exact record of everything that is said in the courtroom in order to maintain consistency in testimony and to show discrepancies in the appeals process if necessary.



Best Online Schools for Horticulture


Do you have a green thumb or would like to have one?  A certificate program in horticulture will help you learn the fundamentals needed to acquire an entry-level position in the field.  In addition, if you just want to see if horticulture is your cup of tea, an online certificate program is ideal.



Top Online Schools for Photography

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Photography is a highly versatile career that allows individuals to work in any number of different exciting environments, whether that is a freelance or a contract with certain businesses or institutions. This discipline allows students to be highly creative while also maintaining strong business practices.




Top Online Schools for Real Estate Programs

real estate trade

Of all the investment opportunities in the world, real estate is the most likely to never go out of business. Prime property ownership significantly increases one’s financial standing and poise within their fiscal and domestic communities. Real estate agents give individuals the ability to locate and consider all kinds of these investments, and the more experience and knowledge RE professionals display, the more trust, responsibility, and money they ultimately gain!


America’s Top Online Culinary Schools

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Interrupting one’s busy schedule to follow a dream and new career path can be a difficult decision, but if that dream is a career in the culinary arts, then look no further! These online schools offer challenging, thorough, and opportunity-filled degrees and certificates in a wide range of culinary disciplines: gourmet cooking, pastry and baking, culinary arts, food service management, and more.



Online Schools for Carpentry Programs

carpentry trade school

Individuals who are looking to start a new career in construction and carpentry would be wise to peruse this list of the top online carpentry programs. These outstanding schools provide students with revolutionary coursework and state-of-the-art tools to learn the skills of their new trade.



Online Schools for Gunsmithing Programs

gunsmithing trade schools

Students turn their hobby into a career in one of these Top Online Schools for Gunsmithing Programs! Whether individuals intend to pursue a diploma, certificate, or degree program, one of these four outstanding institutions will provide an extensive education in the assembly, maintenance, cleaning, repair, and customization of all types of firearms.



Online Schools for Appliance Repair Programs

appliance repair
Those who are good at working with their hands, and who have a vested interest in learning the construction, design, maintenance, and troubleshooting of electrical and mechanical devices, should most definitely seek out a degree, diploma, or certificate/certification program from one of these top Online Schools for Appliance Repair Programs!



Online Schools for HVACR Tech Programs

HVAC-R trade schools

Homes and business alike are in dire need of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) professionals, who are well-educated and who fully understand the inner-workings of HVACR systems. These complex technical units require very specific knowledge, and these six Online Schools for HVACR Programs provide students with challenging and thorough coursework, as well as experiential, hands-on learning opportunities, through which they learn a new, or perfect an old, trade.

Online Schools for Auto Repair Programs

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One in seven jobs in the US is related to transportation, which means that there will virtually always be a demand for competent, trustworthy, and educated automotive engineers, mechanics, managers, and more. These six Online Schools for Auto Repair Degree Programs provided students with pivotal coursework that trains them in the many critical facets of the trade.



Online Schools for Locksmithing Diplomas


These well-known schools offer students the same opportunities and resources as on-campus locksmithing programs, yet in the comfort of the distance education student’s own home, and on their own time. These two online career diploma programs outfit students with high-tech equipment with which they learn their new trade.



Online Schools for Caterer Diplomas

caterer trade schools

Are you interested in sharing your culinary talents with others? If so, 100% online programs are readily available if you would like to become a caterer. As this topic is considered a “hands-on” profession, you will be expected to complete dishes in your own kitchen, at your convenience.



Online Schools for Dental Hygiene Diplomas

dental hygiene trade schools

In order to be hired as a dental hygienist, you are generally required to hold a certificate or an associate’s degree and have passed the national written exam and be licensed. Achieving a bachelor’s degree allows you to become qualified to teach, research and practice in public or school health programs. The median annual pay for this position in 2012 was $70,210 or 33.75 per hour and can be achieved with only an associate’s degree.


Online Schools for Home Inspection Diplomas

home inspection trade schools

Would you like to become a Home Inspector? With today’s modern technology, it is easier than ever to earn a quality Home Inspector career diploma through a 100% online program. Presently, on-campus and hybrid programs are also available in most local communities.



Online Schools for Floral/Florist Diplomas

floral florist designer trade schools

To obtain the best career opportunities in the field of floral design, you will want to take advantage of the 100% online distance learning opportunities that are now available. On-campus and hybrid programs are also available, so choose a format that works best for your schedule and family life.



Online Schools for Furniture/Cabinetmaking Diplomas

furniture cabinetmaking trade schools

Furniture and cabinet making certificate courses that are 100% online are extremely rare. The nature of woodworking demands a large amount of hands-on experience. On-campus programs are typically offered at community colleges or technical schools, although you may find associate programs that focus on woodworking, as well.


Online Schools for Jewelry Diplomas

jewelry design trade schoolsJewelry design schools are easily found in an online format, however, there are also several certificate schools that require your personal on-campus attendance. In addition, some four-year universities offer degrees in jewelry design through their fine arts departments, although, you must also take other required core classes, as well. Career certificates or diplomas in this topic are the most common way to gain knowledge in this field… if you wish to go to work immediately.


Online Schools for Wedding Consultant Diplomas

wedding consultant trade schools

To truly be an excellent wedding consultant, you may consider earning a certification to showcase your skills. Fortunately, there are several excellent schools that offer programs through a 100% online format. If you are currently working and have a busy home life, perhaps an online certificate course will help you realize your dream of owning your own wedding consultant business.



Online Schools for Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor Diplomas

dog obedience trainer instructor trade schools

How can you learn to train a dog through an online program, you ask? Good question, although dog obedience courses in a 100% online format are rare, there are a few available. In addition, if you do attend an online school, you will be expected to practice on your own… with your dog.



Online Schools for Wildlife and Forestry Conservation Diplomas

wildlife and forestry conservation trade schools

Generally, wildlife and forestry conservation programs are not offered through the 100% online format, however, there are a couple to consider. In most cases, this field requires an in-depth education and sometimes a bachelor’s degree, depending on the scope of work you would like to do.


Online Schools for Travel and Tourism Diplomas

travel and tourism agency trade schools

Want to enter the travel and tourism field? There are several educational paths to help you get there. Most commonly, 100% online travel and tourism career diploma programs are the way to go and are readily available. However, if you would like to delve in deeper, associate and bachelor’s degrees are also available, although, they will require the usual core classes and take you up to four years to complete. A certificate program can typically be completed within six months to a year.


Online Schools for Sewing and Dressmaking Diplomas

sewing dressmaking trade schools

Although you can be a successful seamstress through hands-on experience, formal training in sewing and dressmaking is often required to obtain an advanced position in the field. 100% online distance learning opportunities are readily available in this field.



Online Schools for Medical Billing and Coding Diplomas

medical coding

Medical Billing and Coding has recently become an incredibly crucial profession within the medical industry. Since a recent federal law mandating the transition to electronic medical information went into effect, the demand for well-trained and certified medical billing and coding professionals has sky-rocketed! These individuals provide a great service to doctors’ offices, hospitals, insurance agencies and more by translating and coding important information, and by handling complex billing processes.



Top 20 On-Campus Schools for Culinary Programs


The culinary arts and food service industry is one of the fastest growing in the country! All across the globe, professional chefs, food service managers, pastry chefs and bakers, and others, are sorely needed to maintain successful businesses, as, not only is it one of the fastest growing industries, it also has the highest turn-over rate.




Vocational or trade schools are definitely an option to consider as more and more people are looking for a career without the heavy burden of a four-year degree…not to mention to cost element. We hope that you have found your future here in this list and choose to take that first step in obtaining your goals to be yourself and your future.  Let’s face it…many of us have loved ones that depend on us to make life better for them. You can begin your path to a fun career now!