Online Schools for Furniture and Cabinetmaking

furniture cabinetmaking trade schools
Furniture and cabinet making certificate courses that are 100% online are extremely rare. The nature of woodworking demands a large amount of hands-on experience. On-campus programs are typically offered at community colleges or technical schools, although you may find associate programs that focus on woodworking, as well.

How do I earn an online career certificate in Furniture and Cabinetmaking? As 100% online programs are scarce due to the preferred hands-on experience needed to excel in the field, we have found at least one for you to consider. Coursework in a furniture and cabinetmaking class may include creating your own woodworking designs, learning about the types of wood and finishes available and how to properly execute and construct your plan.

What salary can I expect with my online career certificate in Furniture and Cabinetmaking? In general, a career in woodworking who specializes in furniture and cabinetmaking construction earns approximately $35,000 or more per year. Certainly, higher earning potential is possible through owning your own business or through extensive experience in the field. Other possibilities include employment by furniture or cabinetmaking manufacturers or in a furniture repair shop.

Should I start my own Furniture and Cabinetmaking business? Yes, you should… if, you have done your research, received proper training from your online furniture and cabinetmaking program, as well as, gained valuable experience through an internship or mentor and have a business plan in place. Establishing your own business in this field will help you, in addition to, your community. Please consider all business costs and the time and dedication you can commit to your craft when contemplating opening your own business.

The below-referenced school is an exceptional school, therefore, has chosen to rank this educator due to its attributes, such as, online availability, ease of use, available financial aid, as well as, career-specific program criteria. Our hope is that the following school suggestion will assist you in pursuing an online educational program that fits your needs.


Prepare to build… while Penn Foster Career School leads you through their Furniture and Cabinet Maker Woodworking Program. Skills learned through this program will include knowledge in the different types of wood, grains and finishes, how to organize your workshop, how to take proper measurements, as well as, the design, construction and installation process. Penn Foster’s program can be completed in as little as four months.  Let Penn Foster help you achieve your dreams of establishing your own furniture and cabinetmaking business!