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Online Schools Center was started by our Chief editor, Linda Weems, in order to fill a need. There are many websites out there about higher education, but Linda wanted to create a resource geared towards business professionals, busy stay at home moms and dads, and those with full schedules whom would prefer an online option versus its brick and mortar counterpart.

Our goal here at Online Schools Center is to help the student looking for the latest, most useful information available to make the most informative decisions on their education and future. Not only is the website informative, education-wise, it also contains information that is fun, witty and will educate you in many other areas, such as our Mini-Course on How To Study Well or one of our career articles such as Highest Paying Jobs.

VISIT US OFTEN, as our editors are always adding wonderful articles, eye-catching infographics and easy-to-follow mini courses as well as continuing to rank the best of the best in online schools and degrees for you!

Chief editor, Linda Weems


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