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Online Schools Center was started by our Chief Editor, Linda Weems, in order to fill a need. There are many websites out there about higher education, but Linda wanted to create a resource geared towards business professionals, busy stay at home moms and dads, and those with full schedules whom would prefer an online option versus its brick and mortar counterpart.

Our goal here at Online Schools Center is to help the student looking for the latest, most useful information available to make the most informative decisions on their education and future. Not only is the website informative, education-wise, it also contains information that is fun, witty and will educate you in many other areas, such as our Mini-Course on How To Study Well or one of our career articles such as Highest Paying Jobs.

VISIT US OFTEN, as our editors are always adding wonderful articles, eye-catching infographics and easy-to-follow mini courses, as well as, continuing to rank the best of the best in online schools and degrees for you!

Chief editor, Linda Weems


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A Little About Linda Weems, Chief Editor

First of all, I’d like to say that it is been such a fulfilling adventure creating, contributing to, managing and editing this website. To know that you are providing important information to others whom are just like you… those seeking answers to their questions and turning to the world wide web for assistance… to know that folks all over the world are landing on my site and relying on the expertise of my staff’s research to guide them honestly and purposefully… to know that I’ve played a part in the future of a student’s online schooling choices… it really humbles me and warms my heart. I’d like to thank each and every person that has perused through OnlineSchoolsCenter.com and know that it is my intent to provide you with the most informative online schooling information available!  Congrats on your journeys, your career paths, and your successes!!
Now, a little about myself…straight from my heart.  I am, as I said before, alot like you.  I come from a very humble upbringing, made my way through “this thing called ‘life’ ” (anytime you can use a Prince reference, do so).  I’ve been a farmer raising pigs, goats, chickens, and sheep and I currently have a very sweet pet rabbit that roams freely on my property. I’ve raised two sons, English Mastiffs and Great Danes, as well as, a few rescued animals. All challenging… all rewarding.
You can trust me when I tell you I’ve lived and learned along the way. I’ve learned that happiness is guided by your own choices. I believe that anybody has the power within them to make something of themselves… to achieve goals they set, to enjoy…life, love and happiness… so, back to me… I lived, I learned and I failed. A time or two. Or three. Okay, four but who’s counting? I don’t have any awards I’ve won, I don’t even have a college degree, I don’t have any letters before or after my name, but, what I do have is a desire to help others…which brings me right back to doing what I love the best… helping students who are exiting high school, helping parents get better jobs for their families… helping a 45 year old to make the decision to go to college… basically, helping others help themselves.  That’s my goal in life… hence, this website.
And, here’s my advice to you… if you are breathing… YOU CAN DO THIS! Don’t let yourself or anybody else talk you out of that career you’ve always wanted to achieve!  Don’t sit still…take an active role in your life…. TAKE CHARGE of it!  Only you can better yourself.  Start from within and you can be ALL YOU CAN BE!  Thank you all for letting me be…all I can be…. BEST of luck to you and yours!


A Word From Rowan Gabriel Jones, Researcher and Writer for OSC

I was born and raised in the small, beautiful town of Sewanee, TN, where I also attended the University of the South. There I earned my BA in Environmental Humanities, a concentration of my own design, with a minor in Philosophy. I moved to Portland, OR, after graduating in 2013, and now a beautiful fiancé and two lovely cats, with all of whom I am quite obsessed, to be honest. My hobbies include traveling, reading, learning new things, watching movies, and spending time with my loved ones.

I have been working for Ms. Weems for three years now, and plan on writing for OnlineSchoolsCenter.com for as long as I can! I love working for this website, and am thrilled that I have a profession that supplies eager students of all ages with the best options available to them in online schooling. I strive to provide our readers with high quality material, and make no sacrifices when it comes to working within our well-defined methodology, to give you the most accurate information available. Having been a student for nearly 20 consecutive years, I most definitely understand the benefits of strong education. I am overjoyed that there are so many people, throughout the country, who use this site to find the academic expertise that they need to thrive.


A Word From Dr. Jared Goff, Researcher and Writer for OSC

Online college education is chock full of opportunity. An ever-expanding variety of degree and certificate programs as well as a full range of degrees that can be earned online–from the certificate level all the way to the doctorate–makes earning that desired degree a more attainable goal. Along with the amazing new possibilities online education brings, there also comes an at times overwhelming amount of information that can make choosing the RIGHT DEGREE and RIGHT ONLINE PROGRAM very, very difficult. Online Schools Center wants to help make this easier.

This is where I come in. Having been through the stages and phases of college myself, from undergraduate study through doctoral studies, I know first hand the importance of GOOD INFORMATION that is the RIGHT INFORMATION for those looking to find the best degree and school fit. I count it a privilege to be able to help make the important decisions about college a bit easier by researching and writing about colleges and degree programs. I hope the information I present on Online Schools Center helps those in different places in their studies and in all walks of life make a more informed choice about their college decisions so they can achieve their education and career goals.


A Word From Vicki Tanner, Researcher and Writer for OSC

I have been working for OSC for over two years now and my “specialty” is answering all of your relevant Frequently Asked Questions to the fullest of my ability.  It’s important to me that I dive deep into a subject’s ins and outs and crank out a highly researched answer that’s in an easy to read, easy to understand format in hopes to aid in a student’s research.

I live the simple life.  I enjoy my daughter and granddaughter as they are the loves of my life, but the one who gives me the most laughter on a daily basis is my rescue pup, Rocco. Never a dull moment! My passion is my work and I want each of you to know that I give 100 percent into each word I write for this website as I put myself in your place and would want to know the most accurate information I could obtain. Thank you!