25 Best Scholarships for Online College Students

best scholarships

Saving money for college can be an incredibly daunting task, but tuition rates should not keep interested applicants from applying to the online school of their choice! There are dozens of awards and scholarship opportunities available for which distance education students can apply that will drastically reduce their expenses from year to year. From $500 to $25,000, each award program offers the chance for individuals to manage their finances while working through school.

This list of scholarships for online college students was composed considering the broadness of the scholarship availability, schools that offer exciting award programs, and those that assist women and minorities, as well as members of the armed forces. Most of the scholarships are based on merit and need and will provide excellent opportunities for students of all ages, levels, and majors.

Private Scholarship Opportunities

Get Educated Online College Scholarship: Offered twice a year, this program awards $1,000 to students in an accredited distance education program based on merit and financial aid need.

Christian Connector Incorporated Scholarships: These $2,500 and up award programs are intended for online college applicants who are entering into Christian colleges and universities and who are devout and faithful followers of the religion, as well as dedicated students.

Society for Human Resource Management Foundation Scholarships: Students in distance education business-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs can find awards totaling over $25,000 through this organization’s generous programs, such as in the Give50 Academic Scholarship that gives $10,000 to human resources students.

Undergraduate Distance Learning Degrees Academic Scholarships: This $500 merit-based award given to associates and bachelors students in a variety of majors is provided through Study.com and is intended for hard-working individuals who demonstrate academic greatness.

Online Colleges.org Support a Student Scholarship for Single Parents: Offered through the Orngainziation for Online Learning, this program awards $10,000 for non-tuition related living expenses to working parents who are earning an undergraduate degree.

Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarships: PTK is an academic honors society that recognizes students in over 750 colleges and universities throughout the United States, and offers exciting scholarship opportunities for online students across the country that total over $37,000,000 each year.

The Best Schools Online Learning Scholarships: TheBestSchools.org provides incredibly useful information of all kinds to online students, and also offers six $1,000 awards each year to distance learners: three intended for any and all online degrees, two allocated for masters in social work, and one for RN to BSN students.

National CCAA Scholarship: The National Catholic College Admission Association annually offers eight $1,000 awards to college-bound high school students in distance education programs that are selected through a random drawing from those who apply.

AFCEA STEM Major Scholarship: The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association provides this award to undergraduate students in STEM fields, including cybersecurity, intelligence, and homeland security-related disciplines.

Awards for Women and Minorities

AAUW Re-entry Woman Scholarship: This supremely beneficial scholarship program awards $1,200 to distressed female students in a community college or four-year undergraduate programs who have experienced challenges inside and outside of their schooling and who are returning to earn a degree.

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship: The Zonta International Foundation awards 32, highly approachable, $1,000 scholarships to American female students in business degree programs every year.

eQuality Scholarship Collaborative Awards: Over $1,000,000 in awards are offered to residents of California (but may be applied elsewhere) who are of all orientation and gender, yet who have demonstrated greatness in the LGBTQ community.

Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarships: The Army Women’s Foundation gives several different types of awards to female veterans in certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs of all kinds, and who maintain a healthy grade point average.

SR Education Group Scholarships: Awards that range up to $5,000 that are typically need and merit-based and which are often designed for minorities and women.

Scholarships at Online Schools

Colorado State University-Global Campus Scholarships: CSU-Global Campus provides dozens of distance education degree programs and offers eight outstanding scholarship opportunities to assist associate, undergraduate, and graduate students, such as the Academic Excellence Scholarship and the Boundless Opportunity On-The-Horizon Scholarship.

Arizona State University Scholarship: Arizona State University is another of the country’s premier providers of distance education programs, which are supported by a multitude of scholarship and award opportunities, such as the Regents High Honors Endorsement for undergraduate students of all kinds.

Florida International University Scholarships: FIU offers many different opportunities for online students to reduce their tuition through awards, such as the Bright Futures Scholarship and the First Generation Scholarship, all of which are applicable to any degree type in the university.

Liberty University Scholarships: One of, if not the most well-known online school in the industry, Liberty provides online students 9 different scholarship opportunities, many of which are centered around Christian faith and academic merit, and provide large tuition discount, like in the Liberty Advantage which knocks off 15%.

Bemidji State University Scholarships: A well-established online school, Bemidji University offers exciting award opportunities of $1,000 each for students in a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, such as the Gladys McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship for students in teacher education programs.

Capella University Scholarships: This online school is one of the strongest purveyors of distance education programs, and offers scholarship opportunities for students of all majors to reduce their tuition rates and fee, some of which are as high as $12,000 like in the Tech Assessment Scholarship.

Canyon Christian Schools Consortium Scholarship: Grand Canyon University is another highly popular online school that offers this versatile award of $2,500 to students who live off-campus or out-of-state, and who complete 20 hours of service each semester.

Walden University Scholarships: A great online school with numerous degree opportunities for bachelors, masters, and doctoral students, Walden offers scholarships and awards that are applicable to programs of all kinds and levels that climb as high as $25,000!

Western Governors University Scholarships: A popular online school that offers numerous $2,000 nursing and healthcare award programs to students of excellence.

National University Scholarships: There are numerous exciting opportunities through this online school that are geared toward bachelors, masters, transfer, and military students and that cover up to $5,000 in tuition and other dues.

Penn State World Campus Scholarships: A renowned university in the field of distance education, Penn State World Campus sponsors many different grants and awards to first-time or returning undergraduate students with a high enough grade point average.