20 Free Tools for Managing Your Financial Aid and Student Loans

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Loan repayment can be a scary thing to think about, but, with the right help, it can be more approachable than many people think! With these tools, websites, and programs, students and graduates can find the information they need with ease and clarity. There are many ways to access information and use credit scores and personal finances to create the best plans as possible. Many of these tools also offer one-on-one support and advising.

These programs were selected due to their easy to use nature and a price that is 100% free. Putting finances right into your hands and organizing loans from different creditors is simple with any one of the options on this list.

The Tools

Debt Payoff Planner and Calculator: This well-reviewed app requires zero fees and no login, yet completes loan calculations such as the balance, APR, and the minimum payment amount, and produces easy to read graphs of the information.

iontuition: This award-winning program and app offer one-on-one support with loan counselors, student loan management, and not only organizes financial aid debt but also organizes all aspects of one’s personal finances!

Student Loan Hero: This website has helped over 150,000 students repay loans totaling billions of dollars through easy to use organization, management, and repayment programs that give a “birds-eye view” on finances.

Tuition.io: This easy-to-use interface makes loans from numerous organizations both understandable and approachable, putting loan finances into a way that makes sense to students of all ages.

Unbuy.me: Get unburied from debt through this program’s avalanche method (highest interest rate) or snowball method (lowest principal), helping students get debt-free as soon as possible.

Credible: Featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, this program assists students and graduates from assessment of loans to payment in full, and also offers refinancing options.

The Debt Eliminator: Developed by financial genius, Suze Orman, this program takes multiple loans and organizes them in a manageable way with minimal interest rates.

Mint: Through Mint.com students will see all of their finances come together without any effort, so that they can easily create budgets, track and pay bills, and get free tips for money management.

Learnvest: The best journalistic resources, such as Forbes and The New York Times, this site creates a simple plan for your money that allows adult-learners to manage their personal, family, and educational expenses.

Yodlee: This is a cloud-based data platform that quickly accesses information and provides solutions to loans, and also offers many free webinars to help learn more about money management.

Savvy Money: Utilizing your credit score to access the best possible repayment plan, Savvy Money uses programs that compare rates, organizes money matters, and improves overall scores and debts.

Heather Jarvis Student Loan Expert: If you are looking for all the tips you could want on learning about loan forgiveness, find programs for loan borrowers, Heather Jarvis’ website can provide all of the information one could need to sharpen their repayment toolkit.

Department of Education Student Loan Calculator: Recently developed by the White House and the Department of Education, the purpose of the student loan calculator is to make debts simple to understand and see, and pay off as soon as possible without hassle.

Credit Karma: One of the most popular free loan repayment tools available, Credit Karma brings down debt with tools and tips, and also helps locate unclaimed money from creditors and government databases through secure connections.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Another program offered through the U.S. Government to help students, CFPB has numerous different resources, support counselors, and debt repayment programs that put all the necessary information right in your hands.

Unigo: An all-in-one website for finding scholarships, searching for colleges, and accessing loan management programs, this website will be a guide throughout one’s college experience and beyond.

SoFi: This website has refinanced the most student debt in the U.S. and does much more than handle federal and private loans, but also provides exclusive rates, unemployment protection, and career support advisors.

Google Sheets: Connected to Google Docs and the other super popular programs through the website, this app puts debt into a program that makes filling in the blanks for loan management easy to understand and weighs options considering personal finances and credit scores.

LendEdu: For those who are seeking out rates for refinancing federal and/or private loans, this site offers great rates from different companies, and has been recognized by education and business companies for its quick and simple formats.