What are the advantages of working an internship while earning my Online Bachelor’s degree in Game Design?

Most employers are looking for future employees with at least a minimum amount of prior work experience. This is hard for students that have just completed their online bachelor’s degree in game design and are stepping out into the job market without any experience at all. If you are in that boat, you are not alone. However, by thinking ahead and working an internship prior to your graduation, you may find that an apprenticeship will help you land the career of your dreams.

An internship in game design is primarily granted to students that are seeking higher education and are dedicated to game design. Generally, the student, at this point, has made a definite career decision to pursue game design, although since there are many different facets, internships also afford you the privilege of trying several areas of game design to see which one is the best fit for you.

Let’s be honest though, internships sometimes pay a small salary and sometimes they don’t pay anything. The main goal here is to allow the student the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and the employer is provided low-cost or free labor. Some state laws require hourly wages to be paid, however, either way, it’s a win-win for both parties.

If your bachelor’s degree program in game design is with an online university, check with your Career Counselor for potential internships. In most cases, class credits are obtainable, as well. Your school will need to approve any employers or positions you might choose for yourself to assure that the work is within the realm of game design curriculum or you may choose to take advantage of your school’s connections and online job boards to find the internship that suits your needs. Each employer is normally required to review and report your project accomplishments to the school for grading.

There are many advantages to working an internship. For instance, sometimes part-time internships turn into full-time employment upon graduation, if you are a hard-working, dependable and creative employee. You will gain valuable contacts and friendships while working an internship. This sort of networking will help you find potential job opportunities when you are ready to start your full-time career. While working an internship, you will have the experience to construct an exceptional portfolio of your projects to present to future employers. As an online bachelor’s degree program student in game design, your internship will allow you the advantage of working with the best in the business, the ability to work on actual projects and the opportunity to showcase your talents, passion and capabilities that you have learned in your studies.

There are a few disadvantages too, of course, like minimum or maybe no wages, only part-time work and internships are mostly temporary, however, the good will outweigh the bad. Although the game design industry is competitive, the completion of your internship will give you an advantage over others who do not have the experience you have when entering the job market.

Remember to be prompt, work hard and be a team player. Be someone that others enjoy working with, be friendly and self-motivated and add value to whatever project you are working on. Impressing the boss will get you a nice recommendation letter that will benefit you in your future job search.

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