Can I earn an Aeronautics and Aviation degree online?

Online classes are increasingly becoming more and more popular. The option of earning your degree, at your own pace, from the comfort of your living room or home office is becoming the way of the future. Most universities offer equivalent classes to their online students just the same as if you were attending their classes in the traditional way.

Aeronautics and aviation degree programs are available online. Although starting your online education from the onset is a good choice, perhaps you need to just finish your degree due to unforeseen circumstances or the convenience of traveling to the traditional classroom is not an option, for not every college or university in your city will offer aeronautics and aviation degree programs. Or how about expanding your degree while maintaining your current job? While any number of reasons can lead you to the online option of academics, distance education gives you the opportunity to still honor your current commitments while learning.

There are many career options available to the aeronautics and aviation graduate such as engineer, air traffic controller, pilot, airport manager or perhaps you would like to pursue your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. Coursework covers an expansive array of options from aviation meteorology to helicopter piloting.

Students taking online courses in aeronautics and aviation will gain a general understanding of the subject and hone their decision-making skills, as well as, learn safety requirements, weather patterns and legal responsibilities. Other common online topics include mathematics, engineering, occupational safety and health regulations, physics, aerodynamics, human factors, crew management, maintenance, aircraft design and air traffic control.

Choosing the right degree for you and the way you get it will require some research on your part. Verify that the online school you choose offers the courses required to achieve your end result. Also, it is evident that you can’t complete your actual aviation experience online, so, do considerable research regarding the hands-on flying experience that is required for some careers, such as an airline or commercial pilot. While taking online classes at a college of your choice, be sure to verify which brick and mortar flight school is acceptable in their program to complete your required in-flight hours. Most likely, this blended format will allow you to obtain your flight experience at a local airport in your city while completing your online classes from a university hundreds of miles away.

So, will you miss out on the college experience? Well, to a certain extent, you may. Many lifelong friendships are made while in traditional colleges, however, most online universities offer classes via your laptop and high speed internet while they are actually being conducted so you can participate, as well as, communicate with other students, in addition to social media and discussion forums. Teachers and professors are available for you, too.

To assure your success, when researching an aeronautics and aviation online school, verify the accreditation. There is a wide range of employment opportunities awarded to the owner of a bachelor’s degree in this field but salaries typically depend upon years of experience, location of job and the demand for the position, however, upper-level salaries in the six figures are not uncommon. Potential employers consider the online degree equal to the traditional degree.

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