Should I work an apprenticeship while learning the Carpentry trade?

If you have decided to enter an online professional certificate program in carpentry, then you already know that working as an apprentice is part of your learning experience, as hands-on learning is difficult through internet classes only. If you already have some prior construction work experience, then good for you, however, an apprenticeship will only enhance your abilities with additional hands-on learning, as well as, look good on your resumé. Traditionally, you should expect to work in an apprenticeship position for three to four years to truly gain the confidence and skills needed to be successful as a Carpenter.

Your certificate program in carpentry is designed to teach you the fundamentals of construction. It should cover topics such as foundations, roofing, drywall installations and framing, in addition to, other general carpentry basics. Your apprenticeship program will allow you to put into practice what you have learned. You should also expect to learn applicable uses for hand and power tools, as well as, first aid and important safety regulations mandated by OSHA.

You can expect your mentor to be an experienced carpenter with many years of expertise. Depending on the type of carpenter you work for, your focus may be on new construction, remodeling or in the construction of furniture and cabinetry. If you decide to specialize in a certain skill, you may wish to locate an apprenticeship with the same focus.

Depending on where you live, finding an apprenticeship may be a challenge. Hopefully, you may have some friends or relatives that are in the business who will let you help them out, all while helping you, too. If not, your online training program or local union may have construction companies on file that enjoy mentoring up and coming carpenter professionals. In addition, if you choose to participate in trade associations and the like that provides networking opportunities, you can stay abreast of any apprenticeship or job opportunities that are available.

Most apprenticeships do provide a salary for their mentored employees, however, don’t expect too much. They typically pay about half of what the more experienced employees earn. Prospective carpentry students should consider this fact before agreeing to a certificate program and apprenticeship if the limited salary will create a financial burden on you or your family.

Along with the valuable experience, your work performance is crucial. The apprenticeship opportunity that you have been given, will add to your resumé only if you do an outstanding job. You must always be on time and go over and beyond what is expected of you. Showing initiative is very important. Be willing to do the minuscule tasks that no one else wants to do, including emptying the office trash cans or cleaning the restroom before being asked to do so. Show respect for others and be a team player. If you show a genuine interest in being helpful and productive, your mentors will be glad to share their knowledge with you.

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