How do I earn a Bachelor’s degree in Music?

Who doesn’t love music? Do you have a favorite song that you can never get enough of? Most people are exposed to music as small children or perhaps even in the womb, however, we hardly ever put much thought into the process and talent that it takes to get a hit song out to the public… unless, of course, you wish to earn an online bachelor’s degree in music. In that case, music’s probably all you think about.

There are several types of degrees within the music realm to acquire, however, it can be hard to choose because they are similar, although some degrees are more specific than others.

Perhaps the most beneficial music degree available is a Bachelor of Music (BM) degree which is for the student that is focused on being a professional in the music industry in some capacity, such as, a singer in any genre of music, a composer, songwriter or jazz performer. Two thirds of your coursework will involve music classes, with the rest of your credits in academic subjects. Since music will be your main focus and very intensive, electives will be kept to a minimum.

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in music is more suited for the student that is focused on academic studies and something other than a music career, but however, has an interest in music as a hobby or perhaps for the music major that does not have a music degree option addressed by your school’s programs. The BA degree does not include the overall intensity of musical curriculum as the Bachelor of Music degree, however, it does have a more intense focus on liberal arts. The BA degree suits the student who would like a double major or would like to obtain a music degree but with more focus on academics.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is for those concerned with a career or interest in fine arts, musical theatre, dance, and drama. These areas of interest are related, however, they are not strictly related to music. Coursework may include music appreciation, music theory, music literature, technology and music history. Most programs offer a plethora of classes that include all types of music, everything from jazz and blues to rock and rap.

A Bachelor of Music Education (BME) is for the student who is preparing to teach K-12th grade vocals, as well as, instrumental music concepts. This position will also require licensure according to your state’s requirements. You will be required to complete coursework in a combination of music education courses, music history, theory, audio skills and conducting. You will observe classroom exercises while student teaching and by attending workshops.

The Bachelor of Science in Music (BS) degree is for the business minded student. This degree is for a student focused on the business aspects of the music industry or perhaps for one interested in sound recording technology.

Some common career paths with these degrees include a musician or singer, music directors, composer, music teachers, or sound engineering technicians, just to name a few. Remember, without your online bachelor’s degree in music, life will “b-flat!”

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