How can I further my career in Jewelry Design and Repair after I receive my online career diploma?

Do you want to take your career in the field of jewelry design and repair to the next level? Do you want to increase your salary? If so, you should consider gaining certification from the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA as it is commonly called. As a gemologist with twenty years of experience, you can expect a salary of at least $52,000 or more annually.

Have you ever bought a ring or pendant and wondered if you were getting the “real deal?” Was it a genuine diamond or gem? Could you have paid the “real diamond” price for a fake? What quality of stone is it? To the average gemstone buyer, you may not ever know the difference.

The GIA is the benchmark for the standards in education and research when it comes to the field of gemstones. This organization was founded in 1931 and is now located in Carlsbad, CA, primarily designed to protect the buyer of diamonds and precious gemstones.

The Gemological Institute of America does thorough research in the world of gem identification and authenticity. Mr. Robert M. Shipley was a successful jeweler who realized the importance of having the public’s trust when purchasing such expensive stones. Mr. Shipley was responsible for introducing the “Four C’s” when evaluating diamonds, detailing the cut, clarity, color and carat weight of diamonds. He also invented the jeweler’s loupe, the first gemological microscope and established the first diamond grading report, which is used as the standard for evaluations still today.

The title of “Certified Gemologist” goes to those individuals who are committed to the educational requirements. As you earn your Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) diploma and Graduate Diamonds and Graduate Colored Stones diploma, you can increase your earning potential exponentially. You will also have the opportunity to earn an Accredited Jewelry Professional diploma, along with, the Graduate Pearls diploma.

GIA diploma programs offer many topics of discussion, such as, everything pertaining to diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls, as well as, jewelry design and technology. For convenience, the Gemological Institute of America offers their coursework through an eLearning format, in addition to, twelve campuses around the world. At the Carlsbad campus, you may also take advantage of their jewelry arts program that focuses on jewelry design, casting, mold making, wax carving and the CAD/CAM system. Students in this program also learn about fabrication and repair techniques.

The GIA publishes a very interesting and reputable publication appropriately named “Gems & Gemology” for your viewing pleasure. They also produce their own professional equipment. In you practice, you will need tools for identifying stones and for determining the grade of stones. If you need gemology supplies or tools, such as, tweezers, loupes or polishing cloths, the GIA store website offers everything you need.

To get that promotion you desire, the pay raise you deserve or just to give yourself the knowledge needed to do a good job, additional certification from the Gemological Institute of America is worth the time and effort, without a doubt. As a gemologist, customers will appreciate your dedication and skills, as you become a trusted jeweler in their community.

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