What careers and salaries are available with my online Doctorate of English degree if I’d like to remain in the field of academics?

Earning your online Doctorate of English degree is a huge decision. It will take up a lot of your valuable time, as well as, it can be very costly. So, are you wondering if it is worth it? There are several careers to consider, however, here, we will discuss the careers and salaries of some possible positions available in your future, if you decide to stay within the field of academics.  Listed below are a few options to consider:

An English Literature professor at the college level may acquire only a master’s degree if your goal is to work at a two-year college, however, if you want to work at a four-year college and become a tenured professor, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in English will be a necessary requirement. As an English Literature professor, you will be responsible for managing a classroom while teaching others how to understand the English interpretation of literature, drama or poetry. They develop curriculum plans every day to stimulate the student’s mind, as well as, conduct their own research and record their findings for publication. They are also involved in campus life and are mentors to their students, as their students are genuinely interested in what they have to say because they are not “required” to attend your class. Students will look up to you and “choose” to attend your lectures. The salary for this position varies greatly from between $71,210 to $130,890 annually, depending on education, experience and school location.

Perhaps you would prefer a leadership position within the realm of education. A position as an Education Administrator may be for you. You will be responsible for developing school policies and setting the standards and goals for your district’s students. You will also be responsible for hiring teachers, in addition to, providing them with the training they need to succeed. In this position, particularly at the college level, you may work as the college Dean, Chief Academic Officer or Provost. The typical salary for this position, on average, is approximately $96,710 annually.

If research is your true passion, Assessment and Education Researchers are needed to create a means of effectively evaluating a school system’s abilities to teach, as well as, the student’s progress of learning. They will define a problem and look for a way to solve it, such as in the development of after school programs, lunch assistant programs, literary or special education programs. Assessment and Education Researchers also are tasked with ensuring that classrooms and students stay safe and secure while attending school, during extracurricular activities or other school functions through the creation of safety policies and action plans. The salary for this position can range from between $60,000 – $94,000 annually, with an average of $64,000 per year, depending on school district or university location.

Please be advised that some positions within the above categories of teaching will require practical teaching experience, in addition to, state licensure. Check with your state for regulations. If you would like to learn more about this field, please check our list of the Top Online Doctorate of English degree programs that we have compiled for your convenience.