How do I earn an online Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree?

Did you enjoy playing with blocks as a child?  Did you build sandcastles at the beach, or construct a birdhouse in shop class while in high school? Through our active imaginations and creativity, making a tent with a blanket and the dining room chairs was an architectural feat unrivaled by no other, at least in our childlike minds.  From day one, most of us have been intrigued by the process of creating something from nothing; however now, as an adult, perhaps you are ready to pursue your dreams and become an architect, but now… you have access to better building materials!

Are you wondering how to get started?  Architecture covers a wide array of career opportunities; however, if you are interested in becoming a professionally licensed architect, you will need to earn a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree.  If you are interested in the flexibility and convenience that an online distance learning program can provide, it may be difficult to find.  While there are a few 100% online programs to consider, most are hybrid programs, meaning that some on-campus attendance will be required.  Your program will take up to five years to complete, and a one-year internship may be required, as well.  Please be confident that the National Architectural Accrediting Board properly accredits your online school choice.

To get the most from your online distance learning degree program, you will need an adequate computer, high-speed Internet, and webcam, in addition to, software such as AutoCAD or comparable software, depending on your school’s requirements.

The online Bachelor of Architectural degree program is designed to educate aspiring architects on the foundations of designing, sketching and constructing all types of structures.  You can also expect to focus on cost estimating, steel and wood frameworks, architectural graphics, virtual structural modeling, surveying, types of materials and their applications, land preparation, in addition to, the history of western architecture, the legal and ethical aspects of architecture, as well as, interior design and critical leadership skills.  You will learn to be proficient in computer-assisted drafting (CAD) and other architectural technology fundamentals.

In addition, to become an architect, you will be expected to pass the Architect Registration Examination with flying colors.  If you do, all you need is a state license to practice!  For further knowledge and skills, voluntary certifications are also available, as well as, the opportunity to earn an online master’s degree in architecture, if you would like to apply for promotions and receive a fatter paycheck.  Through a master’s degree program, you may choose an architectural concentration, if you want.

Are you ready to start “construction” on your career?  At, we would like to introduce you to our choices for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor of Architectural Degree Programs.  We hope that locating a quality online program that is right for you will be your first step in a remarkable journey towards a rewarding and exciting career in architecture!