Should I earn an online Doctor of Computer Science degree and will it help my career?

As you know, the field of computer science is growing every day. And, of course, you are aware that earning an online bachelor’s degree in this field will land you an entry-level job. But, technology positions can sometimes be competitive to secure, due to the popularity of the subject. Will your newly earned skills and knowledge stand out from the rest of the degree holders? And, why should you pursue a graduate degree at all?

To further your career in computer science, you must have the drive and ambition to earn an online Doctor of Computer Science degree or an online Ph.D. in Computer Science. Your degree will be a distinct advantage in your favor, without a doubt. So, will this boost your career? Studies show that doctorate degree holders, in any field, earn a substantially higher salary than fellow employees without the doctoral degree. So, why not be the best in your field that you can be?

How can you achieve this goal? Through an online doctoral degree program in computer science, you can conveniently maintain employment while you are in school. Are you concerned that an online degree diploma is not as impressive as one earned through a traditional brick and mortar university? Don’t be. In truth, credentials from online universities typically do not use the word “online” on your diploma. Also, prospective employers deeply respect those who handle the stress of working a job, earning a doctorate degree, as well as, maintaining a balanced home and social life. Online schools that offer quality doctoral degree programs in computer science allow you to work at your own pace, from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Besides an increase in pay, what other benefits will you reap from your hard work? If you are thinking of enrollment in an online Ph.D. program in computer science, it is probably a life-long goal of yours. Doctorate holders can revel in the self-satisfaction that they have completed a rigorous discipline and can be genuinely proud of their accomplishments. Only about two percent of Americans hold doctorate degrees.

Doctoral degree owners are not afraid of failure. Often, they welcome a good challenge, therefore, learning from each experience. With expert skills in decision-making, critical-thinking and problem-solving, a doctoral degree holder’s determination will solve the issue at hand. Coming up with a better solution for an old problem is not for everyone, but you can, as a Ph.D. owner. Doctorate holders work well with others as they collaborate with like-minded professionals or, they work just as well alone on their own. Can you become overqualified for a position in computer science with a Ph.D. accolade? No, prospective employers rely on experts like you to help run their companies; however, be sure to mind your social skills and present your abilities truthfully. Don’t be told that you’re “overqualified” but the truth is that you do not have the proper skills and your personality is not to their liking.

Speaking of like-minded professionals, do you ever feel that others may not understand or accept your in-depth thought process? Interacting with other doctorate degree students will broaden your mindset, as well as, theirs. As you will have much to offer, communicating with others striving for the same goal will be a pleasure, although sometimes challenging. The networking contacts alone are worth the support system you will have plus they’ll keep you socially active and humble.

Whatever specialization of computer science you pursue, rest assured, you will be destined to have a positive impact on any industry, therefore, providing a valuable service to your community. Top level positions will await you, and with your advance abilities in research and analysis, you can prove that you have the capabilities to get the job done!

So, instead of asking yourself why you should earn an online Doctor of Computer Science degree, you should consider why in the world you would not! Follow your dreams and check out our choices for the Best Online Schools for Doctor in Computer Science Degree Programs. At, we hope you can find a program that meets your needs.