How long will it take for me to complete an online degree?

While online degrees offer students a more flexible way to learn on their own time, degree tracksand the time it takes to earn the degree are typically similar to brick-and-mortar programs. According to the University of Phoenix, students can earn an associates degree in 20 months, or just a little under two years.

If you’re considering a more elevated track of study, such as a bachelor’s degree, be prepared to commit up to four years of study, just like the on-campus experience. Accelerated learning tracks may offer students the possibility to earn a bachelor’s degree in three yearsbut it may require non-stop classes throughout the year. For those interested in a graduate degree, such as an MBA, the time can vary depending on the degree concentration, but it can usually be earned within two years of study.

Need more time to finish your degree? Some online programs may allow students to learnand earntheir degree at a slower pace, with up to five years for a bachelor’s degree and three years for a graduate-level degree. Students should consider their career and lifestyle to make sure they’re picking a program that will work over the course of their studies.