How could having multiple degrees help me break into the career I want?

Multiple degrees can make you a more desirable job candidate. In the past, students were able to get an undergraduate degree and typically find a job without issue. Today, things are more complicated and if you lack real-world job experience, having additional degrees can make you stand out from other job seekers. Having additional degrees, especially those of a higher caliber – such as a Masters degree or PhD – can help you take on a higher paying job or new opportunity.

Considering changing career paths? This is another circumstance where getting additional degrees could be helpful to your career development. You’ll be able to gain new skills and knowledge that could allow you to move to a brand-new field or different department at your current job.

When choosing your next degree, think about how well it marries with the skill set you already have. For example, if your goal is to start your own business or get a c-suite level job, going back to school for an MBA would be a good choice, no matter what your undergraduate degree is in. If you’re pursuing something completely different, how can you use what you already know to make the leap to your new learning and soon-to-be career path? Once you’ve taken these thoughts into consideration, you can begin your journey to higher learning.
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