Do online courses costs more or less?

Another tricky question….it all depends on where you attend. Typically, colleges that offer online only options are less expensive than 4 year traditional schools. And colleges that offer BOTH, generally are the same tuition and fees wise but, for example, there are extra expenses involved in taking classes online in the form of a “per course” fee associated with some schools.

In doing your research of online versus brick and mortar you will find that several colleges have in-state AND out-of-state tuition rates that are significantly higher if you live outside of the state. When you choose to take online, the price somewhat stays the same for both!  This allows you to attend the university that you WANT to attend and greatly expands your options.

You may also factor in commuting time (which is, in turn, valuable study/family/work time), money saved on eating out, zero room and board as you are studying from home,