Is online schooling the right choice for me?

When it comes to your choice of brick and mortar versus online schooling, one must ask themselves a few tough questions….Am I prepared to set specified, dedicated time to my studies? …Do I have the willpower to MAKE myself complete the weekly goals set by my professors? ….Are there too many distractions at home?  Answering these questions honestly will help make your decision easier.

The truth is, online schooling takes ALOT of self discipline and the ability to control your surroundings, for example, screaming babies and lures, such as televisions and electronic devices . With the on-campus option, you are on a time schedule to attend classes, you connect with other students and you have a live professor teaching you directly so you are almost “forced” to participate.

Another thing to consider is, maybe you struggle in certain areas such as math and would benefit greatly from actually attending the class rather than struggling at home, these are things to consider. You can certainly take your math class in a traditional school setting if you need the extra boost from the teacher being right there with you to answer your questions while also taking your other courses online!

Many online students, that choose this option, are business professionals whom hold full-time positions, they have young children at home, maybe they care for a loved one, or they want to attend a program that is nowhere near where they live. Sometimes the best choice IS the online choice!

With regards to making the choice to enroll in online courses, distance learning is becoming so common that potential employers almost expect to see applicants for positions within their companies that attended online only colleges and universities.

You may even consider only enrolling in SOME online courses such as your general education courses taught by your local community college, but just make sure that they are transferable to a 4 year degree institution.


Needing some additional help, click on the link below and you will to taken to a terrific infographic to help further answer this question:

How to Tell if Online Education is Right For Me