How will earning an online Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology help my career?

Are you wondering if earning a master’s degree in the field of industrial-organizational psychology is a good idea? Not only is it a good idea, but it may also be mandatory to work in this field. In some career choices, a doctoral degree is required, as well, to be licensed due to the psychological aspects of the job.

While earning a bachelor’s degree in the field of I/O psychology will get your foot in the door, acquiring an online Master of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree will allow you to obtain a managerial position in human resources or as an I/O specialist. However, generally speaking, if you have “psychologist” in your title, you will need to gain licensure. To get a license, you will most likely, need to obtain a doctoral degree and complete an internship or practicum. Of course, you should check your state’s requirements to see what kind of educational background you need to gain licensure, if required. In addition, if you would like to teach at the university level, or perhaps conduct crucial research in this field, a doctoral degree may be a prerequisite.

With an online Master of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree and your practicing license in hand, you can expect to earn $102,530 per year, or upwards of $184,520 annually with some years of experience behind you as an I/O psychologist. Personnel in this position are hired to create and maintain a positive attitude and cohesiveness among employees and their employer. They strive in all areas of business management to increase production and profits, as well as, evaluate employees, oversee training and development, and analyze every aspect of how human behavior affects business, sales, management, production, marketing, and human resources.

Another vital position in which you can utilize your online master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology degree is in the area of human resources. A human resources management position pays approximately $110,120 annually, depending on experience and size of the employer. A human resources manager has a huge responsibility, as they oversee the many aspects of hiring new personnel, organizing training and development, in addition to, managing equal employment opportunity programs, employee complaints, and human resources managers often coordinate employee benefit packages, among other essential duties.

To summarize, the online bachelor’s degree in I/O psychology is a stepping stone to a career in this field. Your online Master of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree is what you will need to excel at this career option. If you would like more information, please see our list of the Best Online Schools for Master of Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree Programs.