What options are available within the Aviation Degree programs?

What is aviation? Webster defines aviation as “the flying or operating of aircraft.” But is it really that simple?…Not when it comes to all the different degree programs related to aviation.

There are many reasons a student chooses a particular college or university to attend. Maybe your decision involves the location, whether it be to stay close to home, a thousand miles away, or somewhere in between. You might consider the size of the school. Are you a people person and enjoy large groups or prefer a smaller, more intimate setting. And cost…perhaps most everyone’s biggest concern. Although, all of these factors are important, your greatest consideration should be if the college of your choice offers the proper degree program for the career in aviation that you have chosen.

Below is a brief overview of eleven different divisions of aviation program degrees that you might want to consider when deciding on a future career.

Aviation Managers work with businesses that are directly related to the aviation and aerospace industry such as airlines and airport facilities, as well as, manufacturers of aircraft. They supervise the everyday operations of an airport or supervise a specific department.

Aeronautical technologist, also called an aerospace technician, work with the science, design, construction and testing of aircraft. There are two divisions of aerospace technicians; avionics technicians and mechanical technicians.

Avian Meteorologists determine weather conditions for current flights and future flights by forecasting weather conditions; particularly speed and direction of wind, precipitation and cloud cover. They work closely with airline pilots, dispatchers and air traffic controllers.

Aviation computer science experts work within the computer field regarding all aspects of aviation including aircraft design and flight control and everything in between. A background in computer science in required.

Air traffic controllers are responsible for all movement of aircraft on the runway and in the air. They supervise take-offs and landings, use radar tracking, watch weather forecasts, relay efficient flight routes and handle emergencies.

Flight operation managers are responsible for all flight activities. They review flight schedules and they work closely with personnel to assure crew flight schedules are in compliance with government and union regulations. Flight managers assure maximum efficiency and address any safety issues, as well as, works with federal agencies regarding accident investigations.

Avionics engineers design, develop, and construct aircraft instrumentation. They also research and correct problems with navigational systems, landing gear and flight safety systems.

Flight dispatchers keep the aircraft running on schedule. They work closely with the airline captain to maintain safety and efficiency.

Airframe and power plant technologist are aircraft mechanics who maintain avionic mechanical equipment that is used to manufacture airplanes and helicopters.

Flight schedulers are responsible for keeping aircraft flight plans running on time in regards to the crew and weather, as well as, mechanical, customs and government regulations. They are responsible for relaying cancellation or flight delays to the appropriate personnel.

Aerospace administrators are responsible for the operations of aircraft with daily inspections. They examine landing gear, engines, tires and wings for mechanical problems or damage and determine what repairs need to be done. Administrators examine maintenance employee records and pilot flight logs to confirm regular preventative maintenance is done on a regular basis.

The above are just a few of the avian degree programs you can choose. As you can see, there are many options within the aviation realm of potential careers. Whichever degree program you choose, rest assured you will be “flying high” in an interesting and lucrative career in no time.

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