What are the qualities of an exceptional Wedding Consultant?

Becoming a wedding consultant, also known as a wedding planner, can be a very rewarding and lucrative career choice. With the completion of a wedding consultant certification course, you will enjoy helping brides on the most important day of their lives!  However, do you have the qualities of a good wedding consultant? Do you have the personality for it? Would you be good at it? Let’s explore some attributes that will ensure your success.

What’s the most important factor to consider, you ask? Well, when taking on so much responsibility on such an important day, you should be well-educated in the subject. You must have some formal training, such as an online certification course in wedding planning and internship experience is advisable.  Experience will help you be successful in your own business.

Are you the creative type? Brides today appreciate a planner who has innovative and imaginative ideas that make their special day stand out. Using your creative abilities will be key to your success. Are you a good listener? Excellent communication skills are a must in this field. You must be prepared to listen intently to the bride as she describes her vision of her special day. Although your ideas are key, you must make her happy! Are you detail-oriented? An excellent wedding event is in the details. Your bride will have a general idea of what she likes, but she will look to you for providing the details, including creative decorating ideas and the details regarding every step down the aisle and beyond.

Do you consider yourself a well-organized individual? If not, wedding planning is not for you. As you plan a couple’s wedding, it will be easier for you and the wedding party if you are organized and have control of every aspect of the wedding process, from the engagement party to the honeymoon reservations.

How do you handle stress? Can you remain calm, cool and collected in times of crisis? Handling stress is different for everyone, however, on the wedding day a blissful bride can turn on a dime into a bridezilla. You will need to be able to calmly assess each issue and execute a plan of attack without upsetting the wedding party. You must be an excellent problem-solver, as well.

Can you stick to a budget? Without a doubt, some couples can afford more than others. Up front, you should be honest about what you can provide in accordance with the budget that a couple gives you to spend. Adding to the invoice towards the end of the planning process will only agitate and cause bad reviews, therefore, hurting your business. As every bride dreams of great opulence, be honest about what their budget will allow.

In addition, while establishing your own business, you should question your accounting and marketing skills. If your online wedding consultant program does not include business-related coursework, you may like to consider participating in online classes to help you run your business properly and efficiently. Other aspects may include managing social media, a website, along with, networking opportunities.

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