What kind of salary can I expect with my Online Master’s Degree in Human Services?

With many types of careers available within the field of Human Services, naturally you may be interested in potential salary earnings. We will look at a few possible opportunities available to the owners of an online Master’s degree in Human Services.

The Marriage and Family Therapist earns an average of $48,600 per year, with a range from between $30,540 to a potential $81,960 annually, depending on experience. Therapists in this line of work are responsible for mending relationships such as, couples contemplating divorce, children adjusting to foster or adoption homes and individuals dealing with illness or death.

A Human Services Manager is a leadership role within a company or agency. You will oversee other employees who help the disadvantaged and work to create, improve and implement programs to assist each case. The salary for this position typically ranges from between $56,310 – $94,560, depending on experience and educational degree.

Social Workers earn approximately $45,000 – $50,000 per year and work tirelessly on behalf of their client to ensure a better quality of life for each one. This may include the elderly, children or those recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

If you are interested in working within the field of education, perhaps a career as a Student Affairs Counselor is for you. This position will provide you a salary ranging from $35,773 – $61,000 per year, depending on experience and responsibilities. Typically, a position as a Student Affairs Counselor allows you the opportunity to make a positive difference in the student’s future, therefore, offering you a rewarding and fulfilling career. They advise, counsel and administer help to students attending colleges or universities.

With your online Master’s degree in Human Services, you may choose a career as a Mental Health Counselor. In addition, you will be required to obtain a state license. As a Mental Health Counselor, you will be responsible for conducting mental health evaluations and developing plans of treatment and counseling sessions to assist in the mental health development of your client. This position’s salary ranges from between $43,190 – $68,790 annually, depending on experience.

The Drug and Alcohol or Substance Abuse Counselor should be a good listener. They are trained to detect trigger behaviors and provide support for the client, as well as, their families. They also provide treatment plans and counseling sessions to prevent behavioral issues such as drug use, alcohol abuse, eating disorders or any other type of behavioral disorder. The Substance Abuse Counselor may begin their career making $50,163 per year and earn upwards of $113,904 annually, depending on years of experience.

A career as a Probation Officer is a rewarding and worthwhile career, however, it will entail working with a variety of different people such as, criminals, law enforcement personnel, employers, in addition to, the relatives and acquaintances of the client. You will be in charge of monitoring your client’s activities and progress, as well as, court-ordered therapy and counseling sessions assigned to them. Although a bachelor’s degree may be sufficient, employers are also looking for those with online master’s degrees to fill management positions. Probation officers should be emotionally stable and work well under pressure, all while earning a salary from between $47,840 – $52,110 annually, depending on experience, location and responsibilities.

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