What sort of career can I have with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications?

Communicating is at the heart of what any professional with a Communications degree will do.Luckily, you have a lot of career choices with this particular degree.

Examples of careers that many communication students pursue after graduation can include marketing, journalism, human resources, media, or even law. This could include working as a reporter for a newspaper or local news station, or working as a copywriter for a small agency or a large corporation. You could also help recruit talent for businesses or fulfill an administrative role in a law firm or within the court system. Later on in their careers, some Communications graduates may prefer to teach at a graduate level, sharing what they’ve learned throughout the years with new students.

It typically takes at least four years to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications from a brick-and-mortar university. Universities can offer a variety of study concentrations for Communications majors. The biggest two are print and broadcast – which covers writing for papers and magazines or for television or radio. Digital writing is also a growing field for many journalists, so some colleges may offer courses or concentrations on this particular style of writing, focusing on communicating on social media channels or how to write engaging copy for websites or apps. Other concentrations that are typically offered include Public Relations, Mass Communications, or Media Production.

If you’re wanting to earn a Communications degree online, the time it takes you to earn it can depend on the program and how many classes you take, but you should earmark at least four years to complete your degree. Many universities require students complete an internship before they graduate, so be sure to ask what resources are available to you as an online learner.

There are plenty of online learning options if you’re wanting to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications and you can find the best of the best by viewing our list we compiled for you!