What sort of student teaching component will be expected of me while earning my online Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education?

If you are at the point where it’s your time to begin your student teaching experience, then CONGRATULATIONS! Although you are close to becoming a certified educator, you must take the opportunity to showcase what you have learned while earning your online Bachelor’s degree. Even though it may seem a little scary at first, your excitement will outweigh your uncertainty. It may very well be the most exhilarating part of your college experience.

A student teaching position is required for students who wish to obtain their online Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. You are given the awesome opportunity to gain real-life practical experience while under supervision of a certified teacher, with at least three years of experience, who is familiar and knowledgeable in your chosen age group. Typically, the student will observe the teacher and as time progresses, the student generally will assume a majority of the teaching responsibilities.

For your students, you will be tasked with grading papers, planning daily lessons and managing class schedules and unruly behavior. And for yourself, you will need to familiarize yourself with school rules and regulations and follow them precisely. You must always maintain a professional appearance and work cohesively with co-workers. Do your best to impress, be punctual and be open to instruction and criticism. Be helpful and take the initiative to assist when and where you can without being asked. You will be required to attend staff meetings, as well as, parent-teacher conferences. Sometimes long hours are involved, however, the positive recommendations will be important for future employment options.

Most internships last between eight to twelve weeks, depending on your state’s requirements, with half of that time in one age group, generally between the grades of pre-K to 3rd grade, and then the other half in a different grade and possibly another school. The experience gives the student a variety of backgrounds to expand upon, and perhaps, it may even help you to decide which age group is a good fit for you. And, if you are wondering if you will receive a salary while you are student teaching, the answer is, unfortunately, no. Your invaluable experience will be compensation enough.

After receiving your grade, hopefully a passing one, you will need to complete your online Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education to get a recommendation from your college to apply for certification so you may begin your teaching career. You will then be given the extraordinary task and privilege of shaping the young minds of tomorrow.

The student teaching component will provide you with a truly interesting insight into the world of education. If you are interested in this field, check out our choices for the Top Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education Online Degree Programs.