What kind of salary can I expect with my online Home Inspector career diploma?

The home is one of the largest purchases that an individual can make in their lifetime. It’s an important family decision for some, as well as, a huge investment and financial commitment that cannot be taken lightly. You can help make that stressful and important resolution more bearable to make for the new homebuyer by detecting potential problems before it’s too late. But, becoming a home inspector requires the proper training, of course. Through an online career diploma program, you can become a home inspector in no time. But what happens after you graduate with your diploma? Depending on your state’s requirements, you may need to gain licensure before beginning your new career.

As many prospective homebuyers rely on the expertise of home inspectors, salaries are often commensurate with your experience. Typically, your salary can range from between $50,000 to upwards of $64,000 per year, depending on certifications, risk factors and years of service.

As a new home inspector, you will have several choices to review when considering your future. If you are new at this, you may want to find an established home inspector company to work for. They are already set up to receive inspection requests, have the necessary licensure in place, will pay you a set salary and do their own marketing, in addition to, providing you with an established clientele. This would be the best option for those who need to gain valuable experience before earning licensure or certifications.

In this setting, home inspectors generally do not earn as much as the self-employed inspector. Working with independent firms often require that you provide your own tools and vehicle, as well as, your own liability insurance. Beware of non-compete agreements that will hinder your success in case you decide to open your own home inspection business.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit about you, perhaps you would like to consider establishing your own company, as a self-employed home inspector. In this capacity, you are in control of your own schedule, your financial gain and can often work from home. However, as with any new business, start-up costs can be excessive, and you will need to apply your marketing skills to gain new clients. However, breaking in to the business where realtors already are established with other reputable inspectors can be tough.

But… through hard work and determination, you can do it! If possible, perfecting your interpersonal skills will be your best asset. Start with people you know in the real estate business and showcase your talents and be prepared to show them a sample of the detailed report that you will provide for each client. If you specialize in certain areas of home inspections, make that known too. By word of mouth, your business should grow by leaps and bounds in no time.

Although an exorbitant investment, if you have saved up a rather large sum of money, perhaps you may want to consider purchasing an established franchise that specializes in home inspections. With this option, a client list, vehicles, experienced personnel and business licensing are already in place.  You just go to work!

Earning an online home inspector career diploma can also help lead you to other careers in the future, if so desired. You may want to eventually transition into real estate, as a commercial building inspector or as a real estate appraiser. Other inspector careers include factory and boiler inspectors, in addition to, restaurant, school or beauty establishment inspectors. If you’re so inspired, learning about home inspections might prompt you to earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or Construction Management.

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