What career and salary can I expect with an online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing?

The economy goes up…and it goes down, however, regardless of the economic well-being of our country, careers in marketing seem to flourish. Industries continue to have the need for well qualified personnel to implement sales strategies, oversee advertising and promotions, as well as, execute new and innovative ideas to display their products or services. With a better than average growth rate of 13% between now and 2022, earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing will assure you a secure future in marketing. Below are a few specializations that you may want to consider as a career.

A Market Research Analyst earns approximately $62,150 per year. They are responsible for the collection of useful information regarding supply and demand of products, consumer behavior and buying habits, interpreting data history and conducting focus groups to establish target demographics.

The Advertising Manager is hired to create advertising and promotional strategies and they work closely with media outlets. They create presentations and negotiate contracts to close the deal. This job often requires travel to trade shows and conventions. The average salary of an Advertising Manager is $92,588 annually, with a range from between $81,041 – $111,341 per year.

With your online Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, you may find that you are interested in a career as a Promotions Manager. The salary for this career has a wide range anywhere from between $70,000 to upwards of $100,000 or more, depending on experience and clientele list. Responsibilities include planning events and conventions, developing marketing promotions and campaigns, using media outlets for advertising and managing store displays, contests and sweepstakes. Promotion Managers are often required to host open houses, grand openings and ribbon cuttings. Experience with digital marketing is a must.

The Public Relations Manager bridges the gap between the client’s product or services and the public. They are in charge of managing relationships with the media, consumers and the public to assure positive images and excellent customer service. They serve as liaisons between the client and consumer, as well as, promotes special events and activities. The average salary for the Public Relations Manager earns $104,140 per year, depending on experience and clientele.

Are you the creative type? If a company is looking to discover their “brand,” they may enlist a Brand Manager to help them out. The Brand Manager is often hired to create imaginative and innovative ad campaigns to present new and exciting products or services to the public. They work closely with market research departments to determine target audiences or they may be hired to give new life to an existing brand. The typical salary of the Brand Manager, depending on clientele, can earn upwards of $103,229 annually.

The median salary of a Media Buyer is $62,644 annually, however, it can range from between $51,795 – $77,483 or more, per year. Media Buyers are given the task of matching a client’s commodities with the appropriate type of media coverage, whether it be television, print or internet exposure. They work at negotiating advertising rates to obtain the maximum coverage at the best price for their client. Travel is often required.

One who specializes in our growing world of technology may be interested in a career as a Digital Marketing Manager. This rapidly expanding field focuses on online advertising and sales. Additional knowledge in areas of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), web design and content management is required. The typical salary for this career is approximately $68,234 annually.

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