What are micro-credentials and how can they boost my education?


We can all agree that “continued education” is key to all who wish to obtain the promotion they desire or the raise they deserve. However, sometimes going back to school to earn a college degree is not a feasible option. Many individuals simply cannot afford to go back to college. As earning a degree through online distance learning is an excellent option, it still takes the time and resources that you may not have. What else can you do to earn the accolade needed to get that promotion?

You should consider earning a micro-credential. Micro-credentials, also known as nano-degrees or digital badges, are awarded when students complete online courses, virtually attend a lecture series, write an essay, complete a project, or pass a test on a particular skill set. This type of mini-degree can be earned in a wide array of subjects or for topics focused primarily on your specific needs.

A micro-credential program is an abbreviated course of the college degree; therefore, time involved in this option is minimum compared to that needed to earn a full academic degree.  Micro-credential programs can be completed in as little as one semester, depending on the topic.

Will you get a certificate of completion? Yes, you will; however, you may receive it digitally in the form of an image file. Digital badges are often awarded and can be displayed on your social media accounts, ePortfolio, or in a resumé. They are issued specifically to showcase your accomplishments and as proof of your program completion.

Whether you pursue a micro-credential while working towards a traditional college degree or as a way to continue your education once you have earned your college degree, nano-degrees will give you an edge with potential employers in the future. Seeking this type of credential shows that you are dedicated to learning and to professional growth. A majority of human resources personnel are interested in hiring a person with micro-credentials.

You can choose to earn micro-credentials in a variety of subjects. Educators and business administrators frequently take advantage of this type of opportunity, as well as, computer technicians, medical coders, web designers, and marketing specialists.


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