How do I earn my online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management?

To enter a Bachelor’s degree program in Construction Management, you must have already completed an associate degree program. If your goal is to obtain a management position in construction, then working towards earning your Bachelor’s degree in this field is a great choice.

Within this program, you will learn how to lead a crew, create plans and implement construction projects to obtain your end goal. You will also study construction methods, as well as, the best materials to use for strength and longevity. The construction management student will learn construction drawing, project scheduling, customer relations, blueprint reading, building code regulations and the legalities of construction work.

A great emphasis is put on business management in the areas of accounting, finance and risk analysis. You will learn how to assess project costs while maximizing profits and minimizing expenses. Today’s technology requires that most construction bids be compiled and submitted by computer software. In your Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management program, you will learn the latest trends in technology that allows you to efficiently submit your work.

Your program may include coursework, such as, in the areas of labor relations, safety and contract law, economic planning, construction materials, surveying and site preparation, engineering and how to be an excellent construction manager.

If you are currently working a full-time construction job, perhaps an online class is a good option for you. With an online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, you can enroll in a program that fits your needs and schedule. In today’s world of juggling a career and home life, online programs are becoming more and more popular and your online degree will be recognized by future employers just as if it had been obtained by the traditional brick and mortar college or university. There are many programs that will fit your needs, however, please make sure that your program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) to ensure a quality education by meeting industry criteria regulations. In addition, you may opt to join a hybrid program that provides hands-on training at on-campus sites.

If an internship is required, you will be allowed to fulfill that portion of your program through a local company in your community. Your on-the-job internship will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge in the field of construction. Depending on your program, a thesis in construction management may or may not be required.

There are several job opportunities awarded to a student with their online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. With your degree, you may earn a salary from between $60,000 to upwards of $120,000 annually, depending on your experience, educational degree and the size of your employer’s company. Positions such as a Construction Manager, Carpenter, Architectural Technologist, Management Consultant, Logistics and Distribution Manager, Cost Estimator, Town Planner or a Development Surveyor are career options.

If so desired, the next step in your education will be to obtain your master’s degree. Entry into a master’s degree program will require completion of a bachelor’s degree program, work experience and a portfolio of completed construction projects.

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