What kind of career and salary can I expect with my online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management?

Any aspect of construction is exciting… watching a home or business go up board by board or brick by brick represents progress and accomplishment. There are many factors within the realm of construction that go into each and every project. While earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, perhaps you are contemplating which specialization is a good fit for you. Here, we will look at a few options that might interest you.

The Construction Manager typically earns from between $53,740 to $158,330 per year, with an average annual income of $89,300. Duties may include hiring subcontractors, scheduling work, estimating costs, submitting bids, managing construction crews and adhering to all safety and building regulations.

The Home Contractor specializes in residential construction, often, developing subdivisions. They hire subcontractors to complete jobs such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, brick and roofing needs. They provide materials and equipment for construction, in addition to, estimating and submitting bids. A Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management or a related field is becoming more and more requested by employers, however, it may not be necessary with years of experience. The average salary of a Home Contractor is approximately $94,450 per year.

As an Architectural and Engineering Manager you may earn a lucrative salary ranging from between $86,000 – $207,400 annually, with an employee in this field earning an average of $134,730. In this position, you will research the overall idea of a new project. You will then be tasked with overseeing the budget, staff, equipment and training needs for the project until completion.

An Architect earns between $46,080 – $125,520 per year, with an average of $76,100 annually, depending on experience. An Architect sees a project through from beginning to end by using drawing skills to design and by overseeing the construction process through to completion. They must make sure their plans are safe, can withstand all types of weather, meets the client’s needs and is eye-pleasing, as well. They implement changes, as needed, to stay on budget and meet building regulations.

As a student of an online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management program, you may enjoy the numbers game as mathematics and statistics are very important. As a Cost Estimator, you will be expected to collect all sorts of data pertaining to construction, such as, labor and material costs and time spent on a project. They must analyze the information to keep a project on track to minimize costs and increase profits, in addition to, meeting crucial deadlines on time. The salary for this position, generally, ranges from between $56,272 – $69,895 annually, with a median salary of $61,140 per year.

If the earth and our environment is your passion, then a career as a Civil Engineer is for you. They are interested in planning and designing structures for public transportation and other infrastructures. The salary for a Civil Engineer ranges from between $52,900 – $129,850 annually, with an average of $82,220 per year. Engineers in this field work on projects involving our roads, bridges and airports, in addition to, our water and sewage systems and power plants. They ensure that all construction is done in an eco-friendly way.

Another environmentally friendly career involves that of a Landscape Architect. They earn between $38,950 – $106,770 per year, with an average of $63,810 annually. Landscaping Architects design beautiful gardens, as well as, oversee the excavating process. They work closely with engineers to assure that our land and wildlife are protected while making areas aesthetically pleasing.

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