Can a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management be earned through an online program?

Perhaps you have wondered how you can learn to build something through an online degree course. A majority of people gain the most from their education by using a hands-on technique. Putting your knowledge to work and getting in there with both hands to construct something, most often, is the better approach to learning. Earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management through a distance learning program will allow you the opportunity for some practical training.

Through an online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, you will learn how to succeed in the construction business by using your knowledge in building, developing your managerial skills and learning good business, accounting and marketing skills. To excel in this field, you may want to choose a hybrid online program.

An online hybrid program meets your educational needs by combining an online coursework program with learning in a classroom. More and more colleges and universities are offering this type of distant learning program, as this option is important, particularly in the field of construction. Most instructors realize the importance of hands-on learning and are more than willing to conduct scheduled practical classes that fit your needs. Some opt to offer retreats or weekend learning sessions to complete your coursework requirements, however, since the point of taking online classes is for your convenience and flexibility, the hybrid online programs tends to keep your classroom time at a minimum.

Of course, with all online programs, you will need access to a computer with plenty of hard drive space and an internet connection. Your computer should also include a DVD drive, sound card and speakers, in addition to, a video card. Specific software needed often includes Microsoft Office, as well as, possibly other construction-related software. Through most programs, as a student, you will be able to access your coursework at any time and will be able to participate in classroom discussions with professors and fellow students through e-mail, discussion boards and lectures.

Your online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management may include classes in project planning, contracts and documents, cost estimating, project management, law and ethics, safety planning, surveying fundamentals, excavating, as well as, marketing. Other coursework will include construction materials and methods, state building codes and regulations, in addition to, project scheduling. And, of course, your practical classroom assignments will be an integral part of your grade, as well. As always, don’t forget to make sure your online program is accredited.

The overall job outlook for the construction business is expected to see a 5% growth rate between now and 2024. The BLS reports a median salary of $89,300 in May 2016, however, salaries may range from between $53,740 – $158,330, depending on experience, educational degree and job location. Management positions can be found at architectural firms, building contractor or engineering firms or other specialty contracting firms. Construction Managers are also often self-employed.

So, if you are one to appreciate the hands-on approach to learning, rest assured, a hybrid type of distance learning degree is the program for you. If you are interested in this career, check out our choices of the Top 8 Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Construction Management Degree Programs.