What will it be like to work an internship in Construction Management?

Experience may be one of the most important assets on your resumé that prospective employers look for in their potential employees. The student with internship experience will take precedence over others that do not have any practical work knowledge when being considered for job placement.

Within your online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management program, you probably will be expected to work an internship to complete your degree program. If so, then you will benefit exponentially from doing so. Besides just looking good on paper, the experience will be invaluable. However, you may be wondering what to expect from your employer, as well as, the job itself.

Most likely, your employer has requested the presence of an intern in their business. If an employer needs a worker and the student needs a job, then it is a win-win for everyone. Most employers in the construction line of work are more than happy to give back to their community by training up and coming builders in their area.

As a student in an internship program, your hope is to find a mentor. Someone who will take an interest in your educational experience and that you feel comfortable going to with questions. Your employer should instruct you on construction techniques and how to choose the correct materials. You will also learn about gathering blueprint data and creating proposals, in addition to, accounting and marketing strategies.

Hopefully, your employer will give you some responsibility in which will serve you well in the future. Even if they are small projects, they will help teach you the different facets of construction. While earning an online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, you may have decided on a specialization of some sort, however, through an internship, you may realize that another aspect of construction is more interesting and better suited for you. Although an internship is just for a few weeks, the more areas of construction you can experience, the better.

If you are interested, upon graduation, you may have the opportunity to stay with the company you have interned with. If this is an option, you will have been given the chance to decide if the dynamics of the company is a good fit for you. If not, your intern boss will be an asset to you when in need of a reference letter for future job searches.

Your internship may pay you a small salary, however, it may not pay anything. In that case, your valuable work experience will be your compensation. If you find your own internship opportunity, please check with your Career Counselor to make sure it is approved so you will get the necessary credit you deserve.

While earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, it’s imperative, as an intern, that you do the best job you can. Always be punctual, self-motivated and a team player. Always be willing to go the extra mile whether it be working on a job site or taking the initiative to empty the trash cans without being asked to. Be a good communicator and pay attention to details. Most of all, be appreciative of the opportunity your internship has provided and earn a good grade to complete your program.

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