Will I need to be ASE certified to be a Diesel Mechanic?

After graduation from high school, most people think they are done with tests and the dreaded semester exams. Well, think again. As a diesel mechanic, you should expect to take plenty of tests over the span of your forty to fifty-year career, if you intend to improve your earning potential. Why, you ask? Because most employers today are looking for mechanics that can prove their worth through knowledge and skills. ASE testing can do just that.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE, is widely recognized as a reputable establishment that takes pride in governing the industry standards when it comes to automotive or diesel repair or restoration. You may have noticed that when you enter an automotive repair shop, reputable companies proudly display the recognizable ASE blue star emblem in their front glass window or you may have noticed their technician’s diplomas proudly framed hanging above your head in the waiting room. Why? Because it is a sign of excellence. Heck, excellence is even in their name! As a customer, this mark is a comfort and the reassurance that you will and can expect to receive quality work to be done on your vehicle, whether it is your family’s SUV, tractor-trailer rig or your combine ready to harvest crops.

If you are entering the field of diesel mechanics through means of a formal education and training, make up your mind to excel in every way you can within this field, which should include ASE testing. You will typically need two years of real-world work experience before you will be expected to start the examination process. In addition, re-certification is needed every five years to maintain your ASE certification status.

Now, don’t take these testing opportunities lightly. They can be rather rigorous and intensive tests, therefore, studying will be required, although, your work experience will be invaluable, as well. The ASE tests are designed to showcase your comprehensive understanding of how diesel engines operate, as well as, your exceptional diagnostic skills. You should expect to show evidence of your problem-solving, critical-thinking and sound reasoning capabilities as you answer each question with thought and consideration. Not everyone is a good test taker, however, online study tools and sample test questions are available.

There are eight certification tests that cover the subject of “Medium/Heavy Trucks” and passing one to two of these tests qualify you for ASE certification with at least two years of work experience. You will need to pass the other exams related to this subject to claim Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technician status. If you wish to advance, you will then be eligible to take the Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist test.

ASE Medium/Heavy Truck Tests include the following areas: Gasoline Engines, Diesel Engines, Drive Train, Brakes, Suspension and Steering, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems and Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI). If you are interested, ASE also offers certification testing in Automobile, Truck Equipment, Transit Bus, School Bus, Collision Repair/Refinish, Parts Specialist and Advanced Level Specialties.

Don’t worry, if you fail a test the first time, you may take it again, however, you will need to wait at least thirty days. You must also pay applicable testing fees again.

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