Can I earn a Bachelor’s degree in Art History through an online distance learning program?

Would you like to earn a degree in art history? A bachelor’s degree in this field covers a wide array of studies, such as philosophy, history, politics, and history, as well as, a wide variety of cultures. But perhaps you are already working a full-time job and have family responsibilities in place at home. Busy work schedules and quality family time often get in the way of going back to school. If you would like to follow your dreams, a degree in art history is within reach.

You can easily obtain a Bachelor of Art History degree through the 100% online distance learning format. If you would prefer a more hands-on approach, hybrid degree programs are also available. Through a hybrid program, most of your coursework can be completed online; however, the occasional in-person attendance on-campus is required. For most, this welcomes a change of pace, as well as, the opportunity to work personally with faculty and fellow classmates.

To enlist in an online Bachelor of Art History degree program, you will need to be prepared. Of course, you will need a computer and a reliable, high-speed Internet connection to get started. Your chosen school will tell you what sort of software or tools you will need to assist you in your art history coursework. Through your orientation, you may be instructed to acquire speakers, a microphone, earphones, and a webcam.

Most online schools also use learning management systems, such as Blackboard or Coursera (there are many), to help you with ways to submit your assignments. And you’re not alone, as you can communicate with students and professors through message boards, e-mails, phone, and texts. Most schools also offer support systems that are available 24/7, if you should have technical difficulties.

Online classes are typically conducted either of two formats, asynchronous or synchronous. Through an online bachelor’s degree in art history program that offers asynchronous coursework, you will be able to work on your studies anytime that is convenient for you, and from anywhere you have a secure Internet connection. Although convenience and flexibility is key to online distance learning programs, you will, most likely still, have weekly deadlines to complete your coursework.

Synchronous classes will require you to attend classes online at a specific day and time. Although you may be at home or at the corner coffee shop, you will need to login at a particular time, often to participate in lectures and discussions through your computer and webcam. You will need to decide what type of class format will work best for you!

Do you think online learning will be a breeze? Do you think it will be easier than on-campus degree programs? The answer is NO. Honestly, online distance learning programs are just as rigorous as the traditional brick and mortar university programs, and often the very same professors teach them. Through synchronous classes, you may be required to be present when on-campus courses are also being taught, just as if you were sitting there with everyone else!

Your online Bachelor of Art History degree program will be a quality program; however, please be sure that you are attending a school that is appropriately accredited. There is no need to worry about your diploma reflecting what type of program in which you earned your degree from, for most awards simply do not state the word “online” on them. In fact, employers today are not concerned with how you earned your degree, but primarily that you excelled in your program of choice. Therefore, to acquire a top-level job in the field of art history, an exceptional GPA is highly recommended, especially if you would like to continue your studies by earning a graduate degree.

Earning your online bachelor’s degree in art history may take you up to four years to complete, depending on your dedication. If are curious about the world of art history, you should consider enrolling in an online program today. has compiled a list of our choices for the Top 20 Bachelor of Art History Degree Programs for your consideration.