Can I earn a Bachelor’s degree in Music online?

The convenience of studying while in the comfort of your own home appeals to most people, but perhaps you are wondering if you can obtain a bachelor’s degree in music through an online program. Although few and far between, there are several programs out there that are available. You will need to carefully research each one and inquire about hands-on or performance requirements. With most programs requiring face-to-face instruction in a specific instrument, online degrees in music that fit your needs may be limited.

Your online bachelor’s degree in music, in general, may include either of two types of degrees. The Bachelor of Arts in Music program emphasizes music theory, music history and ear training in addition to performance. The Bachelor of Music program focuses on technique and performance related to music and, of course, the general education classes of math, science, literature and social sciences. Other coursework includes sight-reading, aural skills and music culture.

In general, most all programs related to your online bachelor degree in music will include fundamental business practices and principles, doctrine of intellectual property, artist management and publicity. You will also learn about every genre of music including classical, chants, hip-hop, country and jazz. You will explore and gain an appreciation of musical expression. Depending on the school, you may be required to participate in assignments requiring your presence such as individual performances or ensemble musical productions.

While attending online classes, often the student can download course materials any time of their choosing and can also view lectures at their leisure, as well, within course deadlines. Special audio equipment, such as high quality speakers and software is sometimes required for listening to music and viewing lectures. Microphone and headset equipment may be required to participate in audio discussions with your classmates. Through online classes, you will also have the opportunity to communicate with other students and professors via e-mail, message boards and online chat conferencing.

When you are looking for an online school, verify that they are accredited by either the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) or the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

If you have your heart set on an online bachelor’s degree in music, you may want to explore the possibilities of a career that blends your interest in music with other areas such as technology or business. In addition, a career in music production or music used for therapy purposes may be additional non-performance careers you may want to explore. Other careers, such as a music producer or recording engineer is obtainable, in addition to, a position as a manager to an artist or public relations representative.

Careers within the music field usually hold a very wide range of salaries. Primarily, the average median salary of a music industry related career ranges from $28,000 annually for the beginner orchestral musician to $120,00 per year for the competent audio engineer, all depending on applicable educational degree, location and/or popularity of client and relatable work experience.  Again, extensive research on potential careers will be required on your part when considering a degree obtained by an online university.

In conclusion, obtaining your online bachelor’s degree in music may not be as easy as other career paths, however, it is achievable with careful research and determination. Distance learning may not be ideal for the student whose main focus is perfecting their performance within the music industry.

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