With a Bachelor’s degree in Web Design, what programming languages will I learn?

With an online bachelor’s degree in web design, the student should be proficient in several programming languages. As a web designer, you most assuredly will need to learn web development programming languages to create interesting, visually attractive and functional websites. To be competitive in this digital age, it would behoove you to be the most versed you can be about programming languages. Although there are hundreds of them, a few are ranked as the most popular and most beneficial to the web designer.

A computer program is a compilation of instructions that performs a specific task which it is asked to do. The programming language is a set of rules that define how the coding should be formatted to the task. Web designers and programmers use them to create websites.

Listed below are several program languages you may learn or at least familiarize yourself within your quest for an online bachelor’s degree in web design:

Java is perhaps the most popular language used by developers. It is used as a general-purpose programming language. It can be found on all operating systems and devices and used in the creation of apps and video games.

C is a simplified version of C++. It is used for system programming, writing and in embedded systems. The C language is still popular to use even though it is considered a relatively old language.

C++ is also a general-purpose programming language and is mainly used in desktop applications.

C# is a modern, general purpose language for use in developing software components and is the leading programming language featured in Microsoft.

Python is a widespread language and all-purpose. It supports code readability for only a few lines of codes are needed to express a concept or point. Other attributes of Python include automatic memory management, dynamic type system, a large library and the support of many models. Apps such as Instagram, Pinterest and Google are powered by Python.

PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is a server-side language used in creating web pages written in HTML. It is used on websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress and Wikipedia. It offers easy-to-use techniques for beginners, as well as, advanced techniques for the experienced programmer.

JavaScript is one of the most popular widespread languages that is used to construct games for the web and interesting, exciting websites. This is one of the few programming languages that is accepted by all major browsers. JavaScript also supports object-oriented programming styles.

Delphi is a programming language and software development kit for web, mobile, desktop and console applications.

Perl is also a general-purpose scripting language used to make report processing easier. Security and networking experts depend on it for prototyping and data scientists use it for statistical analysis and data mining.

Ruby is object-oriented and is an all-purpose coding language primarily used for the development of apps and websites. If you are interested in creative design, then Ruby is for you, although, familiarity with Ruby on Rails is also very helpful in working with the Ruby programming language. Twitter and Hulu uses this language.

Swift is one of the fastest growing programming languages. It is an efficient and fast language built by Apple.

As you can see, the properties of each program language is similar, however, your online bachelor’s degree in web design will help you discern which one suits your needs the best in relation to it’s needed application.