Do I have what it takes to become a good floral designer?

Lady Bird Johnson once said, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” Without a doubt, the earth would be dull to observe if not for the infinite range of colors that flowers provide. They are the “jewelry” to any landscape and provoke memories of our past and provide anticipation for tomorrow. As you watch a flower grow, you yearn for its bloom, the fragrance it will send forth and the pure joy of its existence; a true representation of beauty. As with everything, it has a life cycle, but at its roots, it still lives to produce another flower… as does hope!

Do you have a love and desire to share the world of flowers with others? It’s harder than it looks. To the average individual, simply gathering a few cut flowers from our gardens and putting them in a vase of water is the norm. But, to compare them to those that have been arranged by a professional florist, it makes the do-it-yourself arrangement less than desirable. That is why, as a florist, you must be creative and have an eye for design.

Artistic ability may be the floral designers most needed quality. After all, you are creating works of art through your designs. Through your knowledge and skills as a floral designer, you can use your creativity to produce arrangements that speak to the occasion, as well as, its recipient.

You must be very knowledgeable in floriculture to determine the proper use and balance of flowers and greenery. You must know how to properly care for each type of flower and plant. As gaining a vast knowledge of all types of flowers is time consuming, are you willing to apply the time, effort and dedication to your craft? 100% online floral design career diplomas and continued educational opportunities are readily available, if you are serious about becoming a florist.

A good florist must also have a genuine love for flowers, plants and everything nature has to offer, as you will be working with them every day. If you have allergy tendencies towards certain flowers, becoming a florist may not be for you. A true passion for flowers and what they represent to others can help you excel in the field, no doubt.

How’s your customer service skills? Everyone you meet can be a potential customer. Are you empathetic towards others? Most people, at some point, need the help of a florist, particularly for loved ones who are sick, having a birthday or anniversary, as well as, for when someone passes away. The way you handle business by communicating pleasantly and effectively can make you or break you, especially in today’s world of modern technology where negative reviews can be very harmful to your success. You must establish business relationships with your customers, however, a personal touch may be necessary in stressful times of sorrow. A kind word, patience and understanding may be exactly what your customer needs when choosing flowers for a difficult event, such as a funeral. Word of mouth will be your best way to gain new clients.

If you would like to eventually own your own florist business, are you prepared to handle the day-to-day operations? You must have a general understanding of economics, accounting, sales and marketing. Be prepared to be well-organized, a problem-solver and work well under pressure to meet deadlines and deliveries.

The exceptional florist must be able to create a floral arrangement that is appropriate to the occasion, thought-provoking and one that displays an artistic element that is aesthetically and fragrantly pleasing.  You must be qualified to design a work of art that coveys an appreciation for nature. If you are interested in this career field, please see our choices for the best Online Schools for Floral Design programs.