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marketing degree programs
The BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an above-average growth rate of 10% for the marketing profession through the year 2026 and depending on factors such as education, experience, location and job title you could be earning anywhere between $106,130 – $132,230 annually, in managerial positions. There are a plethora of careers to choose from with a marketing degree in your pocket. Take a look at the list below:

Advertising Sales Managers
Content Marketers
Fundraising Managers
Market Research Analysts
Marketing Managers
Promotions Managers
Public Relations
Public Relations Specialists
Sales Managers

There’s never been a more exciting time to get into the marketing game. Choosing a school that fits your needs and your pocketbook isn’t hard to find in this day and age. Our intentions, here at, are to make that journey easy for you!


Methodology: has not ranked the below schools in any particular order, due to the many factors involved, such as, costs, flexibility, graduation rates, acceptance rates, fees, etc. which all mean different things to different people. One factor, such as affordability to one person, may not be a reason to overlook that school to another.

This list of the Best Online Bachelor of Marketing Degree Programs was researched based on the following factors:

  • Programs designed to enhance the learning experience for the Marketing student through innovative technology and 100% online format,
  • Prepares students for a career as a Marketing Professional,
  • Properly Accredited online Bachelor of Marketing Degree Program,
  • Instruction of the fundamentals and strategies of Marketing in the U.S. and Globally,
  • Ease of credit transfer into a Master’s Degree Program,
  • Provides skills in a variety of Marketing Concentrations and Professions,
  • Knowledge of products and services identification and the correct application of Marketing strategy,
  • Financial Aid, Easy Use of Online Learning System, and Online School Support Centers.
  • Studies in Professional Work Ethics in the field of Marketing.

If you would like to learn more, please see our Methodology page for additional information.


University of Alabama at Birmingham

Online BS in Marketing

What makes UAB stand out?

First of all, only 5% of all business programs in the world are accredited by the AACSB, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Along with their school accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business offers a 100% online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marketing program that by their own terms is “robust” and “extensive”.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a highly recognized institution with many accolades including The Princeton Review’s recognition of the Collat School of Business as one of the nation’s “Best 295 Business Schools” in 2014.

They have just recently expanded their online program for marketing majors to meet the always changing needs in the world as it relates to marketing. Taught by the same on campus faculty, your online classes allow you to collaborate with your professors online and interact with your peers via various student organizations as a “virtual participant”…putting you right in the action! Over 115,000 graduates, living around the world, have obtained their marketing degrees online from UAB! Join them!



Colorado State University – Global Campus

Online BS in Marketing


Why choose Colorado State University – Global Campus?

CSU-Global provides courses towards obtaining your degree by offering accelerated 8-week courses with monthly term starts to allow the flexibility needed to fit your busy schedule. Also, every course is offered every term and you will be working closely with your instructors and peers in an asynchronous learning environment.

Having said that, many facets of the marketing profession are taught at CSU-Global, including courses in sales, market research, public relations, consumer behavior, and many more. You will gain real-world experiences and skills and the practical knowledge you need to gain entry into a wide range of jobs in the marketing field.

You can also customize your 100% online degree by adding a specialization. A specialization consists of five interest-specified, upper-division courses (15 credit hours) for you to tailor your bachelor’s degree to your wants and needs for your future. A specialization degree is not a requirement in order to obtain your bachelor’s degree which consists of 120 full credits. Specific interests include, but are not limited to, Criminology, Healthcare Informatics, Information Technology Operations, Emergency Management, and Small Business and Entrepreneurship.



University of Minnesota – Crookston

Online Bachelor of Marketing


Let’s talk about what makes the University of Minnesota at Crookston a real gem!

What makes learning fun and motivational? Hands-on experience…through experimental projects and actually working with local businesses in the area to lead exploratory marketing studies. Students will learn methodologies to help them pinpoint their clients’ requirements and needs and learn to work through the difficulties marketers face in a worldwide business environment. These “real-world” projects range from vital marketing arrangements focusing on the long-term goals of an organization, as well as, tracking consumer behavioral patterns.

Small student to professor ratios ensures that you, the student, gets the attention you deserve from a faculty of professionals who can share and teach through their own marketing mastery and skills. According to their website, employers oftentimes boasts that U of M-Online graduates they hire are very well prepared for today’s technological work environment. With a more than 93% job placement rate, Crookston’s students can rest assured that a job will be theirs within six months of graduating.

Another perk of attending the University of Minnesota online is that no matter where you live, you pay the same as in-state students, on-campus students pay eliminating the unfortunate “tuition is higher for me because I don’t live in the state” issue.



University of Maryland University College

Online Bachelor of Marketing


What can you expect from a marketing degree at the University of Maryland University College?

At the University of Maryland University College, you will earn your marketing degree from a university that is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education and is one of 11 degree-granting institutions in the University System of Maryland. In addition, the online curriculum is prepared by scholars, industry leaders and input from employers, themselves. Paired with 24-hour tech support, a complete online library, career advising and student support services, your marketing degree will allow you to delve into strategic marketing processes, research and analysis, product development, as well as, global and online marketing and sales management.

It takes the normal 120 credits to graduate but keep in mind that out-of-state students’ tuition is higher than those taking online courses that reside in the state of Maryland. Having said that, public reviews of the university call the online courses “fair and consistent” and “high-quality”.



Franklin University

Online BS in Marketing


What makes Franklin University, located in Columbus, Ohio, the right choice for you?

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), Franklin University’s Bachelor’s in Marketing degree program is taught by industry experts executing a highly relevant curriculum which equips you with the in-demand skills needed to pursue your marketing degree. You may also enhance your degree by participating in elective courses that will further compliment your major.

Hands-on approaches to all aspects of marketing is key to gaining the skill set needed to succeed in subjects such as, market research and analysis, global marketing and advertising. Project-based team assignments pairs you with like-minded students to gain experience through hands-on, “real world” projects highlighting the needs of working in simulated business environments. Furthermore, the Capstone project allows you to team up with students of other related majors to get an overall feel of how a corporation would run with all facets working together in an overall strategy.

At Franklin University, they understand the life of a busy adult and therefore, have made access to their marketing classes attainable by anyone, anywhere through its 100% online classrooms. Enjoy the flexibility of course schedules that satisfy your needs as a student.



Western Governors University

Online BS of Business – Marketing Management


What will YOU learn through Western Governors University’s Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management degree program?

You will learn essential marketing principles, including becoming a better marketer, building your knowledge of product management, sales and distribution, promotion, strategic marketing plans and much, much more. Western Governors University, a leader in online learning, takes all of the guesswork out of your marketing degree venture by helping you achieve your goals through their mentoring program and aids you in the essential skills and knowledge needed to advance in your career.

This curriculum is perfect for those looking to enter the field of marketing, those looking to enhance their marketing knowledge and skills to either help grow their existing business or climb up the company ladder at their current place of employment, and those seeking a flexible, adaptable course schedule who can dedicate, at least, 15 or more hours to their studies.

In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business – Marketing Management degree, you will be required to complete a capstone project. This final project tests what you’ve learned by placing you in a real-world business management situation and use the skills taught as a means to finding a solution to an issue you could face in your own place of business in the future.

In addition, at no additional cost to you, will study for and complete the CompTIA Project+ certification exam as part of your degree program.



Baker College Online

Online BBA – Marketing

Why Baker College Online?

Baker College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and their Bachelor of Business Administration programs, including marketing, carries the accreditation by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Lenexa, Kansas.

The interactive marketing program at Baker College provides you with a solid background in which to learn the concepts of business and marketing via their highly experienced marketing faculty whose intent is to lead you through the processes and functions needed to have a successful career in your chosen field.

Coursework will include business simulations, case studies, individual and team activities. In addition to, learning to apply the skills you will learn into areas such as, communications, strategic planning and leadership roles.

You may also consider the 5 Year MBA Program. If so, you would need to contact your academic advisor to get information, such as, program requirements and acceptance criteria, before you begin your studies.



Granite State College

Online BS in Marketing


Learn more about Granite State College

Located in New Hampshire, Granite State College offers a dynamic learning environment in which you will learn all aspects of marketing, including studying market trends, shape branding, developing comprehensive strategies, and much more. Their Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree gives you the opportunities to choose between many career choices, such as, Marketing Manager, Promotions Manager, Green Marketers and a plethora more career options.

Granite is accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC).

With flexible, online delivery formats, this program is perfect for the working adult. 120 credits are needed to successfully achieve your BS in Marketing from Granite State College.



American Intercontinental University

Online Bachelor of Marketing


What makes AIU stand out?

American Intercontinental University offers an in-depth specialization in Marketing providing the student with the needed know-how to understand industry-relevant information that can be applied within any real-world situation. With AIU, you have the opportunity to explore a specialized area of interest in your studies.

In 2013, AIU launched a new technology for adaptive learning called intellipath™ to enhance and deliver personalized learning.  Via this platform, students are assessed based on their current understanding of a topic and intellipath™ tailors the lessons to that student’s individual needs in order to progress at the rate they are comfortable with.

In addition, not only is the school accredited but so is their business administration degrees by the ACBSP or the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs ensuring that you are receiving the best of the best in high educational standards.

A total of 180 credits are needed to graduate including 40.5 Specialization Credits with the ability to complete this program in about 3 years.




Should I earn an online Bachelor of Marketing degree? Yes…

One of the most popular college programs offered is that of the online Bachelor of Marketing degree. It’s a very competitive career choice, no doubt. But, if you enjoy a good challenge, marketing is for you!

Can you earn a marketing degree online? Yes, you can. Many degree programs are offered in a 100% online format. Common courses will include advertising and promotions, internet and digital marketing techniques, foundations of marketing principles, business statistics, as well as, consumer behaviors and psychology.

Should you invest your time and money in a career in marketing? Absolutely. The BLS reports a projected job grown increase of 10% between 2016 and 2026. With a faster than average growth rate and an upward swing in the economy, overall, positions in the field of marketing are very favorable. By earning an online Bachelor of Marketing degree, you can set yourself apart from the rest to obtain the position you desire.

Is advertising, promotions, and marketing all the same thing? Not exactly…

The Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes advertising, promotions, and marketing in the same classification when you inquire about one or the other. Although they are very similar and interact with each other, they are slightly different jobs; however, many businesses (particularly small operations) combine them into one job description.

Let’s briefly explore what each term entails. When a product or service is “invented,” so to speak, the entrepreneur must consider if it is a marketable item, hence the term “marketing.” Research must be conducted to see, simply put, if anyone will buy the product or use the service. Marketing teams are often hired to determine price points, who will buy the product and where the product should be sold, among other very critical variables.

Next, comes “advertising.” If a product is deemed sellable and profitable by a marketer, an advertising specialist is responsible for getting the product to the public by way of advertising through television, radio, social media and the like. They want to demonstrate why the consumer needs the product or why they should use the service by highlighting its benefits.

Promotions personnel are hired to “promote” the product or service. How do they do that? They take the demographic information that the marketer has compiled and focus on offering the goods to a specific group of people. Promotions are often provided by way of coupons, free samples, contests or sweepstakes programs. Excellent imagination and creativity will serve you well in a position as a promotions manager.

Do I need to be a good “salesperson” to excel in the field of Marketing? Well,…

It certainly helps to be adept in sales; after all, that is the end goal for marketers… to determine demographics of who will actually buy the product. However, as a marketer, your job description will require many other qualities in addition to your sales abilities.

Generally, your online Bachelor of Marketing degree program will teach you sales techniques, as well as, other skills need to excel in marketing. In case you’re curious, additional qualities of a good marketer include excellent communication skills, creativity, innovative thinking, adaptability, a team player, and perhaps most importantly, the courage to try new and exciting techniques in marketing. Don’t be afraid to “market” yourself as fearless, to stand out from the crowd!


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” -Albert Einstein