What is the best way to set up a place to study when learning online?

If you’re dedicated to pursuing a degree online, it could make studying easier or harder, based on your personality. Some students do better with little or no direction – others thrive from a hands-on learning approach. Since most of your lectures and lessons will be online, having a good Internet connection is paramount, so you don’t miss sessions or fall behind on assignments.

Otherwise, setting up your study space comes down to what inspires you and keeps you on track. You could have a whole room set aside just for study, with your school laptop or computer, complete with a desk and bookshelf for your books, coursework, or other school supplies. Other students may be more comfortable working from their bed or on the couch. That’s what makes online learning, fun, right?

But even with that laid back approach, you still need to plan ahead by setting aside specific hours to attend classes or work on homework. Let your roommates, family, and friends know your set study times so they will know not to interrupt. Silence your smartphone and log out of social media sites so you can do your best work.

Other students might work well around others, so heading to a public library, open workspace, or coffee shop might be a good option if you’re wanting to work on projects but want to be around people. Just be sure to buy a cup of coffee or two if you’re using the complimentary wi-fi.

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